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11 Most Popular Wedding Trends of 2023

As spring and summer approach, so does the wedding season. In a little while, some of us will buy gowns, drink to new beginnings, devour layers of cake, and celebrate with friends at a reception. Of course, some time-honored customs should stay, but you should also consider a few modern trends while planning your wedding.

Recent polling suggests that in 2023, engaged couples are looking for even less “conventional” weddings than in prior years. Of course, they hope to tie the knot and throw a grand celebration in their honor, but they don’t plan on breaking the bank. So instead, today’s engaged couples, like last year, choose to go with their heart rather than follow tradition while planning their big day.

Wedding venues in 2023 that have a bohemian atmosphere and are close to nature include gardens, farms, barns, and ranches. This year’s official wedding colors are Maroon, Burgundy, Emerald Green, and Gold. Additionally, many couples choose a low-key ceremony and keep any extravagant shows of affection for the reception. Here is a rundown of some of the hottest wedding trends for 2023.

Fantastic Welcome Parties

Bringing guests together for a midday event, whether a traditional field day, a private yacht dinner party, or a beach soccer match followed by a delicious lunch, has significantly improved destination wedding weekends. Booking a tour or excursion in the area is also an excellent icebreaker for individuals of all ages.

Intimate Ceremonies

Nowadays, many young couples choose more low-key and private ceremonies. They hope this will give them the confidence they need to make such a public confession of love.

Ceremony Aisles

The long aisle inspires wonder and expectation in the audience as they anticipate the spectacular and unforgettable event that is about to unfold. For a more intimate and exciting ceremony, today’s brides go down the aisle alone and are met halfway by their parents.

Buffet Tables

A wedding celebration is only complete with a grazing table, where guests can mingle and feast on a beautiful buffet. A large catering staff is unnecessary when guests may assist themselves at their own pace from a grazing table. At a wedding, they might be offered either before the meal or afterward as a snack.

Towers of Champagne

The champagne tower fad of 2022 has not yet fizzled off. This is a fun twist on the standard “cake cutting” at wedding receptions that guests rave about. More than the exploding bottles and the careless pouring combined, this significant portion of the celebration makes for interesting photographs that capture the celebratory mood.

Nighttime Snacks and Sweets

This year, they’ll take a new tack on the perennial phenomenon of midnight munching. Foods that couples like sharing on romantic outings or while snuggling up to watch a movie at home are more likely to become favorites. Therefore, the late-night menu is increasingly crucial in the whole eating experience. This trend in wedding catering suggests that businesses like KFC, McDonald’s, and food trucks will see a significant uptick in business during receptions.

Huge Cakes for Weddings

It’s lovely that the large wedding cake reappears as a much-loved custom. Nowadays, many newlyweds pick showy wedding cakes to match their equally impressive reception halls. A fantastic cake topper is a humorous way to cap off a massive wedding cake.

Bridal Styles Inspired by Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly’s wedding dress has been an icon for brides for decades. Many modern women find their wedding dress inspiration in Grace Kelly’s classic white ball gown. Another veil style that’s becoming in vogue is the longest one.

Bridesmaids Mismatched Dresses

Gone are the days when all of the bridesmaids had to wear the same dress. Instead, it has been common practice for brides to choose dresses that don’t coordinate with one another in style, material, or hue for their bridesmaids to wear. A recent development in the industry is the custom dress tailoring to each bridesmaid individually.

After-Parties Inspired by the Speakeasy

Wedding planners began implementing this into after-parties to astonish and thrill guests while providing a one-of-a-kind food and beverage experience. Secret doors leading to a private lounge area with a personalized beverage station are a great way to break up the evening and obtain great after-party pictures. In addition, cocktails like Gin Rickey, Tom Collins, mojitos, and Hemingway daiquiris may be available.

Single-Use Cameras

The out-of-date is in style now. Then, it was standard practice for the newlywed couple to provide each visitor with a disposable camera throughout the party. By 2023, disposable cameras will have replaced entirely traditional wedding photos. As the cost of film and photographic equipment grows, more newlyweds opt to provide guests with disposable cameras instead of conventional picture albums.

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