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Love Is In the Air: How to Decorate Your Wedding Based On Your Star Sign

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Weddings are one of the most significant highlights of a couple’s love story. Your big day comes with bundles of emotions, heaps of fun and enthusiasm, and perhaps a few happy tears from time to time. However, there is no denying that the process of planning and decorating your ceremony can cause some headaches.  

The good news, though, is that astrology might help you narrow down some of those tricky styling decisions. Would a bold, colourful event suit your character? Should you opt for a specific theme to match your personality? Here, we will determine the perfect wedding decorations based on the common traits of your star sign.


Aries are eager, dynamic, passionate, and full of energy. You will never arrange a standard ceremony just because everyone else asks you to have one. Instead, you will strive to find strong, impactful ways to cultivate a special day that you, your partner, and your guests will never forget.

Going for retro-themed decorations can help you make the standout impression you are aiming for. From vintage teacups to ceramic plates and a disco dancefloor, catch your partygoers by surprise with unexpected touches. A glitterball can create the right ambience once the formalities are over and you can enjoy a boogie with your better half, friends, and family.


Taurus – all your friends will agree that you are the people-pleaser par excellence of the zodiac. You indulge in life’s pleasures and want to make sure that your loved ones enjoy those same fulfilling experiences too. Therefore, from tasty nibbles to fizzy glasses of champagne, you may want to consider dotting your wedding venue with tables rich in flavoursome treats. A reception that offers good food is bound to stay in your attendees’ hearts for years to come. 

What’s more, as an Earth sign, Taureans love nature and the outdoors more in general. Why not make greenery an integral part of your special day? From garlands and wildflowers to pines and wood-inspired scents, there are many nature-themed decorations that can beautify your big event. You may even want to hire a string quartet to play some Vivaldi symphonies that will complete your fantastical woodland atmosphere. The musicians will blend in with the venue’s furniture and will add that extra special touch to the ambience.


Geminis are curious by nature. They are like blank canvases – they change their mind from one moment to the next, are inspired by several different things in a matter of minutes, and like to express themselves in a variety of ways. As such, it is important to choose a venue that offers you the opportunity to manifest the endless interests of your chameleonic personality.

As innate explorers, most Geminis are likely to have a passion for travelling. In this respect, you could adorn your wedding with decorations that evoke cultures and places that you’ve had the fortune to visit. Have you recently been to Japan? You may want to sprinkle the venue with petals of cherry blossom. If you and your spouse have vowed eternal love among the picturesque canals of Venice, you could add blown-glass items to your décor as a homage to the nearby island of Murano.


Is there a more sensitive and family-loving zodiac sign than a Cancer? You are deeply attached to your fond memories, and so your family members and life-long friends mean the world to you. One of the best ways to truly soak up the infinite emotions of your special day is to share your celebrations with those you care for the most.

For you, homely touches are the perfect addition to your wedding decor. For instance, you could include comfy, corduroy seat cushions to create a home-like vibe. Moreover, you could have suffused candles to create a peaceful ambience and bring everyone together. These will help create a personal, intimate environment where everybody feels at ease and looked after.


Leos, on the other hand, thrive in flamboyant situations where they have the chance to shine and put their outgoing personality on display. After all, lions are the kings of the savannah – and Leos like to believe that they are the sovereigns of the zodiac too! 

To match your friendly, theatrical character, make sure to choose a location that ticks all the boxes, such as a majestic castle wedding venue. Decorate your reception area with original, eye-catching ornaments such as art deco-themed objects and Gatsby-era glamour. These are excellent options to create a lavish ambience to match your demeanour. What’s more, to truly showcase your exuberance, choose glitzy gold or silver decorations to take your special day to the next level.


Virgos are renowned for being meticulous, accurate, and precise. You always favour quality over quantity and like things done (properly) your own way. Therefore, the best bet for your star sign is to keep your wedding chic, pristine, and minimalist, where every aspect is taken into consideration. There’s no doubt that your careful planning will be a success!

Opt for soft pastel, earthy colours and modern items that will give your ceremony a sleek, in-fashion look. Moreover, you could add special details here and there, from clean-looking welcome signs to nature-themed menus. In fact, nature-inspired textures, including wildflowers and pampas grass, will make your heart sing with joy and contentment. 


There is simply no denying that Libras have a soft spot for all things aesthetic. You seek the beauty in life and, as a true air sign, you just can’t get enough of outdoor living. Libras are sociable by nature, which usually means that you would be more than happy to host a large wedding celebration, allowing friends from all over the country to join your big day.

Therefore, a rustic vineyard could be the perfect location for you, as it is the ideal backdrop for great conversation and flowing wine. You can make the most of the location by decorating it with pink satin or bright peach accents. To reiterate your passion for greenery and the outdoors, you can also adorn your reception area with charming centrepieces and delicate flowers.


As a Scorpio, you are not too keen on conventional events or items. You like to surprise your friends and loved ones on a regular basis, leaving them guessing what memorable plans you could possibly have in store. What’s more, you have a passionate, romantic personality, which will drive you to arrange a ceremony unlike any other.

Mindful of the fact that you are a water sign, you could make your wedding unique by taking full advantage of beach elements. Think about seashells, starfishes, colourful stones, and creative sand-containing glass bottles. If you are not able to celebrate by the sea, these maritime decorations will be sure to invite a wonderful Mediterranean vibe to the party.


Sagittarians are free-spirited and always up for a good adventure. You are not afraid to step away from traditions and the idea of going off the beaten track intrigues you. Therefore, a wedding that blends both the open air and a hedonistic sense of freedom would be certainly right up your street.

What makes your mind travel more than a vast, starry night? Fairy lights hanging from the ceiling are a great, effective option for recreating the night sky. Alternatively, consider adorning your chosen venue with shimmer, sparkle, metallics, and LED lights wrapped around plants and trees. It will fill your ceremony with celestial magic, perfect for the start of a new, exciting chapter of your life.


As a Capricorn, heritage and tradition hold a special place in your heart. So, it is likely you may end up picking a location brimming with history. However, being the strong and tenacious sign that you are, you will not shy away from giving your ceremony and selected venue your own special twist. 

This is why you may want to grab your DIY tools and start putting your creative juices to the test. For example, to stay true to your bohemian nature, you could make a stacking-heart guest book to place at the venue’s entrance. This quirky addition will allow your guests to leave an emotional message for you and your spouse to look back at in the years to come.


As opposed to Capricorns, Aquarians like to question conventions and traditions, and love things done their own artsy way. Therefore, it would be a shame for you and your better half to exchange your vows in an environment that does not resonate with the eccentricities of your personality.

An impactful way to put your own special signature on your big day is to find some one-of-a-kind wedding decorations. For instance, you may want to opt for an eco-friendly décor, cramming your venue with sustainable ornaments and items. From rice paper lanterns and biodegradable balloons to bamboo plates and wooden name tags, there are many different ways in which you can personalise your celebrations in an environmentally friendly fashion.


Last but definitely not least, Pisces personalities are both dreamy and creative. Why not make that transpire from your big day decorations? The truth is that you are an old soul at heart, so you will want to make sure that your wedding décor has a strong, personal meaning. In this respect, you could think about embellishing your chosen venue with the most significant and memorable photos of you and your partner’s love story. 

If you met, say, during a skiing holiday with friends, you may want to add elements that evoke your first encounter. It could be something as simple as snowflake prints on your lunch or dinner menu, or white tree branches as your unique centrepiece.

Your wedding day is a pivotal moment in your life that you will cherish in your heart forever. Hence, it is important to make sure you plan and decorate to best suit your personality. If you are stuck for ideas, let the zodiac help you along the way. After all, love is written in the stars!

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