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Mallorca vs Marbella: Which destination wins the cool race?

Mallorca vs Marbella – so which destination wins the cool race? If you ask two people, they might have two completely different answers. In fact, finding a consensus on which destination wins the cool race can be difficult to do. In this article, we’ll delve into the differences between the two destinations and see which one comes out on top!

So many people want guaranteed sunshine on holiday and some people watching too? Both of these destinations have there strengths and there forever fans, but if you have never visited either – which one should be the one you go to first?

Marbella Weather

The weather in Marbella is always the best. The summer temperatures can reach 40 degrees Celsius, which makes it an unpleasant experience for most people. Despite this, Marbella has a lot to offer because of its great nightlife and its proximity to beautiful beaches like Cala Borratxol and Benitatxell. Marbella’s economy is a combination of tourism, the construction sector and high-class services.

The sea life in Marbella is also very beautiful and when you visit the local beach you can see many different types of fish.

Marbella Weather (Night + Day) Marbella Weather (Night + Day) Average Temperature of Marbella 21 degrees Celsius Lowest Temperature of Marbella 14 degrees Celsius High Temperature of Marbella 28 degrees Celsius Lowest Temperature of Marbella 10 degrees Celsius Average Temperature of Marbella 21 degrees Celsius Low

Mallorca vs Marbella Weather

The weather in Mallorca is amazing, with plenty of sunshine and beach time. The fact that it is an island though can work for it and against it. In the summer that fact that Mallorca is an island can help with a breeze to take the edge of the 33-40 degree temperatures that often happen in the height of August. In the winter though, mallorca can definitely be cooler that its rival on the Costa del Sol though. I would say in the weather competition of mallorca vs Marbella – marbella is the winner.

Mallorca Sightseeing

If you are going to visit Mallorca then not only does it offer great beaches and beautiful landscapes it has an abundance of history to soak in too. Marbella has more options when it comes to shopping and nightlife possibly though.

Palma Mallorca

Palma is one of the most beautiful cities and certainly beats Marbella old town in a heartbeat. With its imposing cathedral and twisting cobbled streets it is a wonderful place to get lost and soak up the ambience. The year round festivals also light up the streets steeped in tradition and history. Although the weather may be slightly cooler in the winter in mallorca. palma is a city that works year round. Make sure to take yourself to the Grand Cappucino opposite the marina in the winter for people watching under a rug sipping hot chocolate with the greatest view.

Marbella Old Town

Marbella Old Town has a variety of interesting places to visit, and people can easily stroll around the streets. This town is one of the best places for shoppers because there are many local shops. There are also plenty of restaurants that offer authentic Mallorcan cuisine. It is completely dead in the winter months though and on a rainy day it can be quite a miserable place to look around.

Mallorca vs Marbella Sightseeing?

Mallorca is most definitely the winner. Hire a car in mallorca and you can ses Valldemossa, Andratx, Port de Soller and Port de Pollenca. Each place more beautiful that the next.

Conclusion – Mallorca vs Marbella – Who is the winner?

Many years ago – maybe 20 years ago Marbella was certainly the place to be seen for the coolest crowds. Hanging out at The Marbella Club Hotel or Las Dunas ot The Puente Romano Hotel were very expensive holidays to shout about! Things have definitely changed though. The Costa del Sol and Marbella more specifically have become the Costa del Crime. Marbella has a bad reputation for drugs and is seen as a place where many in the drug trade hideout. There have even been many shootings of people in theri villas and violent robberies.

Mallorca in contrast – although not free of crime, definitely seems to be a safer place. For me even though the weather in Marbella is great year round and it is a little less reliable in the winter months in mallorca, for sure Mallorca vs Marbella – It’s a Mallorca win for me every time. The sight seeing, history, safety and culture make Mallorca a beyond cool place to visit time and time again. maybe even have a look at this article about other cities you might fancy trying too?

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