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Ankeny zip code – what is it and other information about Ankeny

ankeny zip code

Ever wondered what the Ankeny Zip Code is? Ever wondered where exactly is Ankeny and why is it famous? Where abouts in the USA is Ankeny? We will answer everything you have ever wanted to know about Ankeny in this comprehensive article. Everything you ever wanted to know about Ankeny.

The Ankeny Zip Code:

The City of Ankeny has 2 zip codes:


The 50021 code houses all of the schools in Ankeny and also The Iowa Military Aviation Heritage Museum, Ankeny Area Historical Society and the Iowa Military Aviation Museum.

In 50023 you will find the Kirkendall Public library.

About Ankeny, Iowa

The city of Ankeny is a suburb of Des Moines, Iowa. It is the largest city in Polk County and has a population of over 49,000 people. The city was first incorporated in 1883 and became a third-class city on November 7, 1909. The Ankeny city council consists of a mayor, two council members and a city clerk. The current mayor of Ankeny is Scott Davis. Ankeny is a suburban city on the western edge of Des Moines, Iowa and is located at the junction of Interstate 80, I- 35, and I-35E. The city’s motto is “The Gateway to Des Moines”.

Best things to do in Ankeny Zip Code 50023

Although many people have not heard of Ankeny or even know the Ankeny Zip code. There are still plenty of great things to do when you visit that amazing city. The state of Iowa is very much inland and surrounded by the states of Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota and South Dakota. The state of Iowa is known for its cornfields, and landscape of rolling plains. But what about Ankeny? What makes Ankeny special?

Saylorville Lake

The lake has an area of 2,400 acres and a shoreline of about 45 miles. The lake is very popular with both recreationists and fishermen alike who enjoy the lake’s four kinds of fish species, bass, crappie, bluegill and catfish. There are more than 12 public access points on the shoreline that provide fishermen and boaters with plenty of options for fishing and boating. The lake is also a popular place for water skiers, swimmers and boaters wanting to enjoy the scenery. The lake also has four public parks where people can enjoy picnics, swimming, fishing and boaters can enjoy the safety of a channel.

Saylorville Reservoir was built in 1937 and is a storage reservoir built by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The Corps of Engineers constructed the water impoundment after the Iowa River flooded in 1937, with a view to protecting the city of Saylorville as well as other communities along the Missouri River.

High Trestle Trail, Ankeny Zip Code 50021

The High Trestle Trail is a rails-to-trail project that connects Ankeny with Woodward, Iowa. It’s 18 miles long, and was created as a result of the removal of the train trestles. The trail has great paved surfaces for biking or walking. It also affords beautiful views of the Des Moines River Valley. The Town of Ankeny, Dakota County . The town of Ankeny is located in the heart of Iowa’s 1st Congressional District . The High Trestle Trail connects Ankeny with the town’s Main Street and its award winning parks. The trail is also located near the Vermeer Center for the Arts and the Ankeny Heritage Center, where you can learn about some of Iowa’s early history.

Big Creek State Park

Ankeny is a small suburb of Des Moines, Iowa. It was named after the train station there and it’s home to some beautiful scenery like Big Creek State Park. The population is around 30,000 and includes people from all walks of life. There are plenty of activities for families to do together in the area like swimming, biking, and kayaking.

We visited Ankeny with my teacher and her family. We drove through the city, taking in the beautiful buildings. We stopped at three parks in between. The first was a great park to visit because of the view of the creek and the beautiful park benches and picnic tables. The second park was a little smaller and we had some fun splashing around in the water. The last park was the biggest of them all and it’s located in a beautiful park with a castle, a pond and an indoor playground.

There is certainly a lot more to Ankeny . If you found this article searching for the Ankeny Zip code, hopefully you have found out a little more about this wonderful city in the heart of Iowa.

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