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The Spanish island of Mallorca is one of the most popular summer holiday destinations, with its family resorts, quiet towns, modern hotels, many events, and national holidays. According to official figures, Mallorca has 263 beaches with a combined length of 52 km. 

The extensive beach area with charming little bays, which are excellent for diving and almost solitary enjoyment of the sea and sun. Yes, that’s all about the northern and eastern coastlines. Beaches are tucked away in little bays that are only accessible by boat in the rugged west coast region. Be ready to experience a number of commercial beaches offering a wide variety of water entertainment on the south of the island. Read below our list of the finest beaches!

Cala Agulla

When you rent a car you become able to visit each beach from every side easily, including lying on the northeastern coast of Mallorca Cala Agulla. It’s a stunning, small-scale resort beach at a short distance from the picturesque, historic city of Capdepera. The sea is clean and shallow. 

You can rent sun loungers and swim under the supervision of lifeguards. During the summer months, the beach attracts both tourists and locals. Beach volleyball is popular here due to the extra soft sand, but water sports are not. The nearest resort of Cala Ratjada is no worse and is also an almost untouched corner of the nature of the Balearic Islands.

Cala d’Or

This name refers to as many as five small beaches along the east coast of Mallorca, located in small bays, which are called Cala in Spanish.

  • Cala Gran.

The largest beach in the resort, Cala Gran, distinguishes it from others. It includes a playground for kids and a ramp for the handicapped.

The most picturesque of the five is a little sandy cove with rocky sides. Cala Serena is the starting point for diving for some local dive schools, thus it’s an excellent place to recover in between dives.

  • Cala Ferrera.

A neighboring beach, Cala Ferrera, is equally calm and pleasant. There are motels and eateries close by. Catamarans, sunbeds, and umbrellas are available for rent at the beach.

  • Cala d’Or.

The final bay in the resort’s southern region is called Cala d’Or. You may need to travel a bit to see the open sea from this beach because it is at the end of a narrow entry to a small bay. Even little children will feel safe swimming in this bay’s nice and peaceful sea. The beach is furnished with sunbeds, umbrellas, and restrooms. A pub and a lovely pine forest may be found behind the bay.

  • Cala Esmeralda.

The smallest of the five, Cala Esmeralda is about 25 square meters in size. Finding a place here can be challenging because some hotels and apartments overlook it, but in the off-season, it will be available and will brighten your vacation view from the window.

Es Trenc

Beach is magnificent in every way. There are approximately 5 bays between Colonia and La Rapita on one end. In recent years, it has returned to its more natural state from when it was commercialized with sun loungers and beach bars. White sand, lovely waves. It isn’t overly busy, especially away from the two ends.

There will be no place nearby to get food or water, so bring your own. Rent a car convertible Mallorca if you feel like going to the nearest top-notch restaurants and showing off a little. 

Cala de Sa Calobra

Visitors who prefer pebbles should unquestionably go to Sa Calobra. This beach is situated in a stunning bay, but getting there requires a challenging trek through serpentines. Also keep in mind that, unlike other beaches, Sa Calobra doesn’t have the rental of sun loungers and umbrellas. We also highly recommend arriving here by car. If you don’t have yours, consider cars for rent.

Sant Elm Beach

This incredible cozy beach is on the southwestern side of the island, near a small fishing village. Being one of the less touristy areas of the island, the beach is not particularly crowded. You can enjoy the enchanting color of the water. Plus, there are several beaches nearby, toilets, showers, and a large parking lot where you can leave your car without any problems, the price is €5 for the whole day. 


No matter how many beaches you’ve visited. On the island, which is world-known for its top beaches you would definitely find something new for the rest of your body and mind. In case you’re eager to lie in every upon-mentioned location, use available cars for rent. Thank you for reading!

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