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Is there really a trampoline park Jaipur, India?

Trampoline Park Jaipur

Rajasthan’s first-ever Trampoline Park Jaipur by PUNO

The first-ever TRAMPOLINE park in Jaipur, India! Yes, you heard it right! A TRAMPOLINE PARK that not only has trampolines but a plethora of other entertaining and challenging activities to satisfy your adrenaline rush. Warm-up! Because there’s going to be a lot of climbing, dunking, and jumping when you’re at PUNO, where fun is assured!

What activities are there to do in Jaipur

It’s exhausting going through the same old routine every day, isn’t it? Age is the last thing to worry about when you’re at PUNO. There’s a set of activities for everyone here. Push away boredom and see how enthralling we can be with the super exciting activities for our customers. Get your equipment and get ready to have some great fun!

Does your family love trampolines?

Learn more about the family escape game at Puno! It’s perfect for families who want to bond with one another. The trampoline park in jaipur is a great place for kids .. it is safe.. and fully sensitized. The team at Puno give you safety instructions before you enter the main area and you are supposed to watch the video they play regarding safety precautions.

Once you enter this places you will feel energized like you really want to jump and get active .. this is good for adults as well they can burn some of their extra calories and enjoy the music while doing all the activities.. there are so many helpers (staff) available at every activity area to help you out or to guide you about the activities.

You will be provided with the socks which you are supposed to buy along with the ticket and that’s compulsory because the socks are designed in a way so that you will not get slip from the area while jumping on it.

What is there to do for fitness in Jaipur, India?

We know that you want to get rid of the extra belly fat. Here at PUNO, we have come up with various activities that can help you get back in shape without hitting the gym and lifting weights. One recent visitor said:

“Expensive but Good fun, try and go early morning to avoid crowd. There are several games inside but one hour is enough as you can’t do everything. There’s a cafe outside in case you want to eat (not recommend to eat anything before as this involves a lot of jumping. People aged b/W 10- 45 can easily enjoy most of the activities. They have staff everywhere to make sure everyone is safe.”

How to find trampoline parks near you

Type this address into your Google Maps and it will take you to the Puno Trampoline Park in Jaipur.

Fantasy Square ,Dr. Rajendra Prasad Nagar’A, 192-196, NH52, Near 200 ft. bypass, Karni Vihar, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302019

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