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Why is it a Worth Option For App Development?

Irrespective of the needs, the wide variety of smartphone apps cater to every need in our life. When all users access information through mobile devices, cross-platform apps allow building apps accessed from all platforms. Moreover, the popularity of mobile apps in all walks of life also made app performance, user experience, and faster time to market three crucial things. A succès React Native development company can help your brand get the most out of this robust technology for building cross-platform apps with these key attributes. 

How React Native works and how it helps app development projects around the globe, let us explain below. 

What exactly is React Native?

React Native is nothing but an offshoot of the popular JavaScript

library called ReactJS, and it is mainly used for native app development across iOS and Android. It basically comes as a native UI library and is widely used for mobile app development projects. Reusability of the codebase and a lot of reusable components make React Native so popular and acclaimed as a technology. 

The world’s leading tech brands have turned to React Native, and some of the top apps that use React Native include Facebook, Instagram, Wix, Vogue, Uber Eats, Pinterest, Tesla, Bloomberg, Salesforce, Wix, KFC, and many others. Ever since Facebook launched react Native in 2015, it continued to rise in popularity and is presently regarded to be the most loved framework by developers. 

Thanks to its efficiency in bringing together both Native and hybrid app development advantages, React Native became so popular. Because of the reusability of the code and ready-to-use components, when businesses hire remote software developers, they give the most importance to cross-platform technologies such as React Native.  

Let us now explain some of the key reasons behind the high popularity of React Native as the leading and most appropriate technology for mobile app development projects. 

Reusable Code saving development time and money

Thanks to the code reusability of React Native, app developers do not need to write separate codes for both mobile platforms such as iOS and Android. The same Javascript code can be used for both platforms with ease. Particularly, the ability to reuse the same codebase ensures optimum efficiency and delivers super-quick results. This also plays an effective role in reducing costs. 

On the other hand, the mobile app development process gets speeded up because of the existing open-source libraries, including the ones for UI development. The best part is, in case your company has already developed a web app on ReactJS, a part of the code from the project can be reused for developing the app.

Hot and Live Reloading 

React Native UI library for mobile app development comes loaded with hot and live reloading features ensuring another set of benefits for the app projects. These two features allow developers to make code changes in actual time and fix the errors and loopholes while the app is still loading. The hot reloading feature reloads any particular area where the changes are made, and the live reloading feature helps load the app when all changes are made.

In a number of ways, these two features make the app development and app testing processes easier. Thanks to the real-time loading of the app after the changes are made, the app becomes more performance savvy, intuitive and efficient. 

Absolutely Native Look and Feel

React Native library comes with a whole array of native or platform-specific UK components for building apps that, in look and feel, appears to be more native. Thanks to the integrated UI elements, developers can create user interfaces faster, ensure greater app agility, and deliver a more authentic native user experience.

React Native effectively delivers a native user experience because it is fully compliant with native operating systems and can allow seamless and smooth integration with the existing code. This also allows the React Native framework to add extensions faster to the native apps that are already in use.

Robust support for Third-Party plugins 

React Native is continuously evolving and is fast accommodating business-specific requirements. Several components befitting to business needs can also be accessed through third-party plugins. The library offers a robust range of third-party plugins based on JavaScript and allows native development.

Huge Community Support 

React Native boasts of the largest developer community as the leading cross-platform development technology. The huge and robust community support is a crucial aspect that continuously provides app developers outstanding support. The huge community support comes to your aid whenever facing any issues during the app project. 

React Native is future-ready 

React Native, the most well-equipped technology for developing cross-platform apps, is here to stay relevant for years. Many attributes make React Native a future-ready technology solution for cross-platform apps. The library provides support to the file extensions. React Native ensures optimizing the operating system for which apps are developed and are made to run. Since outstanding app user experience is something users cannot compromise with, the future-ready features and UI elements of React Native help address the user needs. 


React Native has continued to dominate the app development world for years. From leading app projects from big business brands to helping to build high-quality apps for business startups across the niches, React Native has emerged as the leading technology for cross-platform app projects. Since hybrid development has gone down in popularity because of compromising user experience, React Native cross-platform apps have become popular for delivering native user experience while building apps for iOS and Android platforms.

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