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Xiaomi Appliances Arrive In Spain And These Are Their Prices

Xiaomi and SPC have announced the sale of home appliances from the Smartmi range, with which the Chinese company expands in Spain.

It was quite a surprise that, at the end of June, the arrival of the Smartmi brand in Spain was announced; It is one of the many that work under the Xiaomi umbrella in China, and now it was expanding to our country thanks to a distribution agreement with the Spanish SPC .

As of today, these first devices are available, a range that is initially dominated by products related to ventilation and home air care, but which can probably be expanded even more.

The star device is the Smartmi Air Purifier P1, a small air purifier that includes a handle with which we can carry it and put it in any room that needs it. It is capable of absorbing pollen, smoke, pet hair and nanoparticles, purifying a 10 m² room in 5 minutes, and a 30 m² room in 20 minutes. It is compatible with Google, Alexa and Apple Homekit assistants, and is available for 179.90 euros.

It is accompanied by the Smart Air Purifier, a larger and more powerful version, but less portable. It has a HEPA H13 filter to absorb even TVOC particles expelled by products such as detergents or cosmetics, as well as pollen and bad odors.

The built-in OLED screen will allow us to know the concentration levels of compounds in the air, as well as the temperature and humidity. It has a silent operation mode, and with Alexa and Google Home Assistant we can control it remotely. It costs 259.90 euros.

The Smartmi Evaporative Humifier 2 emits humidified air, without generating steam, with its 4-liter tank that is loaded from the top, and without turning off the device. It has a particle filter to trap 99% of bacteria in the water, and it has a built-in screen. It costs 149.90 euros.

Finally, two different fans are offered, the Smartmi Standing Fan 3 being the most striking as it has a negatively charged ion generator , which purifies the air as it moves to generate current. The blades are designed to simulate the wind, and the noise reaches only 29 db.

It has a battery, so it works without cable for up to 16 hours and can be controlled from the app. It costs 159.90 euros. The Standing Fan 2S, on the other hand, only has those last advantages thanks to the blade design, and it also has a battery, but it does not have the integrated ionizer. It costs 139.90 euros.

All these devices are available on the Smartmi website .

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