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How To Improve Cyber Security For Your Business

Cyber security

Cyber security is very important for those that rely on the cloud to store essential data. Furthermore, those that know about cyber security believe it isn’t essential as they believe they have everything in place to prevent a cyber attack. Moreover, these people would be surprised at how vulnerable they are to a cyber attack. 

Those companies that rely on technology to keep private information secure should have the right practices in place. Additionally, a cyber attack can get past the best of systems. If they do, a company needs something in place to protect against these attacks. 

There have been many cyberattacks which have made the news. One of these includes the Russian cyber attack on Ukraine which took down their power grid in 2015. Another cyberattack you may be familiar with is Sony, where hackers gained access to thousands of people’s data. 

The thing is, there are a few things you can do to ensure you have your data protected. Some people hire a business cyber security team to deal with phishing emails and hackers. However, there are still some generic basics that a company must follow to ensure they keep their data protected. 

Keep Things Updated

Keeping all of your software and devices is a main priority. You should ensure you keep everything updated as these software companies improve their software to keep hackers out. For example, Apple is a company that will regularly release updates. One of the reasons why they release these updates is to improve the features that currently exist. They will also update their software and devices to add new features but most importantly, these updates are to improve security. 

A modern hacker will take advantage of those companies who don’t update their operating systems and main software. Devices and software are vulnerable if they are not regularly updated so ensure your company keeps everything updated. 

Strong Passwords For Everyone

Creating strong passwords is what we have been taught from a young age. However, a lot of people haven’t grown up with computers so they may know how to create a strong password. If you are unsure, we have got some tips for you that many websites will tell you when you look to create an account with them. 

When creating a strong password, you need to include a symbol, uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers. You do not need to create your password in this order however, you need to ensure the password you create is memorable to yourself. Another tip we give is don’t link it to anything your username is related to or the security questions you have created. 

Multi-Factor Authentication 

This is another barrier to your cyber security. Additionally, it is something all users should do to keep the rest of the data secure. Why is it so good? When a hacker bypasses the username and password, they still need to verify that it is you. 

A standard multi-factor authentication that you may come across is Google. When you are trying to sign into a Gmail account, you may be asked to remember the number and confirm it with another email. If you have the opportunity to do this with your email accounts, make sure you do. It creates another barrier for those hackers who try and attempt to gain access to your accounts. 

Phishing Awareness Programmes

When hiring new employees, you need to make them aware of any possibilities that could happen. Phishing is a common method of cyberattacks in the past 5 – 10 years. It is why your employees must be aware of what a phishing email looks like. 

If you are unsure what a phishing email is then do not worry. Firstly, a phishing email will usually be a generic name or a famous name. Another thing that it may include is an email domain that is very similar to the company they are pretending to be. They may also claim that it is an urgent matter and details of some sort need to be changed.

There are many different types of phishing emails that you and your team may come across. That is why it is essential you and your team know how to identify a phishing email before it manages to get the details they are asking for. 

Cyber training courses do not need to be done often. They need enough so your team remembers the essential advice. Once a year should be enough to keep everyone up to date. You should also educate any new employees, just to make them put them into practice whilst they are working on your software. 

To Conclude

There are many things to consider when keeping your business safe. Furthermore, when your company relies on the internet and technology. You must have everything in place to keep your data secure. The last thing you want is a hacker to gain access to all of your data and, maybe steal money from your company. 

Ensure you put the right practices in place and educate your employees. If you believe you are ever in trouble, you should also consider an agency that is professional in cyber security. They will know a lot more about you due to them working with it, week in, week out. 

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