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How an Electronic Document Management System can help improve your health

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Whether you are wanting to lose weight, gain muscle or a combination of these, you will need to make changes to your current diet and exercise regime. Of course, if you currently do not have any rules surrounding this in your life by not working out and not eating healthy, simply beginning to will create a difference in your weight. However, to create a large difference and actually reach goals, you will need some sort of tracking system. This tracking can be done through an electronic document management system to enable a sure-fire improvement in your health. Here, we will look into how and why to implement this technique in your life so you can see results for years to come.


Managing calories, protein, and certain nutrients efficiently cannot be done without actually tracking what you consume. There are apps that can help you figure out the amount of calories in each ingredient and meal. However, you do need to determine and write down the amount of calories you require each day and ensure your weekly meals incorporate the nutrients you need. This can be done through electronic document management systems software. With this system, you can additionally write down each meal you do create so you can essentially create your very own menu log. 


Repetition and consistency with exercise is key. Of course, it doesn’t come naturally to memorise a full routine after the first go. This is where documenting your routines in a file management system is helpful. Whether you choose one that costs, such as M Files, or a free software such as Google Files, writing down certain routines means you can refer back to them when you need to. Write down each individual workout or link to videos or URL’s and you’re good to go. Having your workouts there straight away saves you time researching and procrastinating actually doing the workout.


Writing down your goals is scientifically proven to increase your chances of achieving them. Looking at your goals periodically encourages your mind to put more focus on them and take subconscious effort into achieving them. You also need to take smaller steps to reach them, which may need tracking as they can’t be memorised. For instance, if your goal is to lose 6 kilograms by a certain time period and gain muscle, your coach may tell you that you need to make a weekly goal of 6 workouts a week targeting certain areas of your body. Looking at it in this manner can help your mind take the pressure off the big goal of six kilograms. Instead, tick off each individual goal to reach the long term goal. Your electronic document management system will enable you to manifest your desires in a viable manner.


Once you have your file management system in place, you can add extra files you find to help motivate you. Whether it’s inspirational videos or quotes that have impacted your life or links to certain people whose content you want to look at whenever you need a motivational boost. Add content into files and organise into a system that works for you and your mind. 

Olivia is a Content Manager for DocSmart, an electronic document management system software company. 

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