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Lightyear One, The Solar Electric Car That Approaches 1000 Kilometers Of Autonomy

The barrier of 1,000 kilometers of autonomy that Tesla or the different car companies long for, is closer to being broken. This is achieved thanks to the fact that a firm from the Netherlands, Lightyear , has managed to put a car, One, into circulation for more than 700 kilometers on a single charge . In addition, its characteristic of being solar gives it an extra that makes you think that rolling thanks to the sunlight and for a long time could one day be possible.

Despite being only four years old, the Lightyear One project is going from strength to strength . Or rather, in any electric battery as the latest tests carried out in Germany have given this vehicle a range of 710 kilometers on a single charge.

A distance that is close to the 725 that the company planned and that has been achieved with a circulation of 85 kilometers per hour . All with a 60 kWh battery to mark a before and after in automotive technology.

And it is that the barrier of 1,000 kilometers with a one hundred percent solar car with fast charges has never been so close as now. In addition, as they claim from the company, on a sunny day the same Lightyear One could achieve up to 72 kilometers more autonomy .

The consumption of the Lightyear One is well below even the most efficient electric
Features that give it a unique touch, with consumption well below even the most efficient electric currently on the market. “Reducing the energy consumption per kilometer of an electric vehicle means that it can provide a great autonomy with a small battery”, they highlight from the Dutch firm.

Of course, even with a lot of work ahead, it is estimated that the first units of this vehicle could begin to be produced in just one year . To do this, Lightyear must continue with the good pace of progress and accentuate the solar electric that is willing to break all known limits in the automotive sector.

At the moment, the company’s own page already allows your reservation for ‘only’ 150,000 euros without taxes. In addition, from the date and the price, it is already advanced that the first units will be distributed in the European Union, Switzerland and Norway.

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