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What Are The Best Fee-Free Checking Accounts

Despite the fact that in recent years the current accounts that charge for most services have grown, the wide market of banking entities still offers a certain number of options that are free . For this reason, the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) has analyzed those that offer the most alternatives, to opt for the best ones and put them at the service of customers .

Managing day-to-day collections and payments without having to face a certain charge is one of the details most sought after by customers of banking entities. A ‘ small luxury ‘ that fewer and fewer accounts are offered and that affects many users, especially freelancers, who constantly make transfers and movements.

Therefore, to avoid these extra expenses for maintenance or simply transfers, the OCU Inversiones portal has proposed a series of options where there are no commissions, as well as in some even these operations are remunerated.

And it is that the current facility that exists to change accounts , if the desired performance is not obtained with the existing one, it facilitates that these services continue to boom. A change that the OCU encourages in the face of the slightest problem and that, in general, allocates more financial advantages to new clients, so the welcome will be more pleasant.

Bankinter has the two best options
In this way, and according to the institution’s analysis, the best current accounts that do not charge commissions belong to Bankinter. The Payroll Account (Pension) and the Non-Payroll account pay 5% for the first 5,000 euros during the first year and 2% during the second.

In addition, to enjoy this service, it is enough to direct a payroll or pension of at least 800 euros, have a minimum of three direct debit bills per quarter and make three payments with the card during this time.

After these from the Madrid entity, the OCU also highlights the services of Sabadell and Open Bank. The first, with its Expansión Plus Account , offers a 2.9% remuneration on the first 10,000 euros, although with stricter conditions than Bankinter. For its part, the Open Payroll Account returns 1% of direct debit bills with only having a monthly income of at least 900 euros.

Four options to which a different one is added. This is the case of the Myinvestor Online Account , designed to park liquidity and not make daily movements. Exempt from expenses, it pays 1% gross of the first 15,000 euros during the first year without requiring any connection, to finish closing these offers that improve the finances of its clients without asking practically anything in return.

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