ankeny movie theatre

The Ankeny movie Theatre is in Ankeny Iowa.  There are 12 cinema screens as well as a bowling alley and the outtakes arcade.  The address to help you find the theatre is 1580 SW Market Street, Ankeny, 50023.  Ticket prices range from $10.99 per adult to $8.39 for a child.  You can also upgrade your experience and pay a little more to go grand screen 2D and 3D if the film is suitable.  the latest movies to be released that are playing right now are as follows:

New Worlds Cradle of Civilization


King’s daughter

Spider man No way home

Tiger Rising

355 The

American underdog

The King’s Man

Redeeming Love

Sing 2

The Ankeny Movie theatre also host birthday parties where there are possible private showtimes for a film, theatre rentals, reserved seating, birthday hats and food and drinks.  There are also special summer showings that are discounted for the children in the summer holidays when the children have a long time away from school.

Retro nights are held at the ankeny movie theatre once a month.  A retro night is when the cinema shows a really old classic film that might be iconic from your youth.  The ticket price is vastly reduced too because it is not expensive to re run an older film. This makes it a great option for a night out when you want to be reminded of great times gone by.

The cinema at Ankeny is also available for private rental too.  imagine having the entire cinema all to your self!