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In Rio 2016 Spain Accumulated More Than 5000 Euros For Medals

Competing in the Olympic Games is the greatest achievement that any athlete can achieve . If that participation is already transcribed into a medal, this triumph is multiplied by a very high sentimental value … as well as economic. And it is that the three medals that can be distributed in each event ( gold, silver and bronze ) have a certain price in the market that evolves as the price of their metals fluctuates.

In Rio 2016 the Spanish delegation took a total booty of 5,206.25 euros distributed among 17 medals . It is the final price of the seven golds, four silvers and six bronzes to which the Kelbet portal has had access , which calculates this amount based on the value of gold, silver and bronze at the time each Olympic tournament was played .

However, this participation of Spain was not the most valuable if the data from Moscow 1980 are taken into account. We have to go to London 2012 when Spanish athletes recorded more money based on their medals and the value of each metal. Up to 5,283.39 euros the delegation was awarded with 19 medals (four golds, ten silver and five bronzes).

An amount taken to the current value of these metals depreciates, since silver has lost more than 5% of its value in the last nine years while gold and bronze have barely fluctuated upwards. And it is that if those 19 medals from London were taken to the present, the final price would be 5,201.92 euros.

Barcelona 1992 would mean for Spain at this time a value in medals of 7,921.37 euros
This is the only competition in which the final value of the Spanish delegation currently amounts to less money, with Sidney 2000 being the event that has grown the most. Up to 482.8% have raised the 11 national medals to reach the current 1,803.9 euros (for only 309.52 euros at the time; that year was the worst Spanish participation since Barcelona 92, when a record was still registered latent with 22 medals).

And it is that Barcelona 1992 , in addition to being the appointment with the most medals for Spain, is also the one that would have the most economic value today. A 458.5% have grown the 22 medals to go from 1,418.34 euros that were worth in 1992 to 7,921.37 euros that would cost today (gold has increased by 443.88% while silver has done so in 538.51%, bronze, 234.53%).

The weight of the medal changes according to the appointment, as well as the percentage of metal that the medal carries
All these prices, of course, have a little trick and that is that each year the weight of the medal also varies (in 1980 they weighed 116 grams , while in Tokyo the three possible prizes have an average of 450 grams ).

In addition, the composition of the medal has a different percentage of each metal and thus, for example, in this 2021 gold is represented only in 6 grams of the 556 that the most precious medal weighs on Japanese soil.

How much is a gold, a silver and a bronze worth in Tokyo 2020?
This causes the current value of the Tokyo 2020 gold medal to be 724.55 euros (if the entire medal were made of gold, it would be worth around 31,000 euros).

After this, the silver decoration is currently at 379.28 euros while the bronze one costs only 3.29 euros . This last price, although a priori ridiculous for a prize so admired in sport, is the highest in history (in Los Angeles 1984 it was only worth 24 cents).

How much money in medals has Spain won?
In this way, at the time of writing this article when Spain has 10 official medals plus one of gold or a sure silver in men’s soccer , the total value would be 2,978.17 euros or 2,632.9 euros (depending on whether the Luis de la Fuente beat Brazil or not in the final ).

A total prize that could continue to grow, it is already only behind the London and Rio brands, and the gold in Olympic shooting is shelled at 724.55 euros , 1,517.12 euros the four silvers in Taekwondo (-49 kg), Slalom canoeing (K1), Sprint canoeing and Artistic gymnastics (floor exercise) and € 11.95 for five bronzes in Mountain biking, Men’s individual tennis, Athletics (triple jump), Sailing (Finn category) and Sailing (470 category ).

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