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What Is The Difference Between Sustainance and Sustainable and Sustenance?

Let’s talk about sustainance. So in the world today we should definitely be all about sustainability. It is so important to make sure the planet that we live on is still able to keep going long after we are no longer alive.

Sustainability is the idea that we should use our resources as efficiently as possible and find ways to make them last. Sustainance may not even be a word but it is a word reported to have a similar meaning – the idea of using our resources in a sustainable way. This article compares these words and discusses where they came from and argues that sustainance is a word even though may will argue that it is not.

What is the difference between sustainance and sustainable?

A sustainable thing will be able to maintain its existence over a long period of time without diminishing. Sustainance it is said is the act of keeping something alive, sustained, or “breathing.”

Sustenance in turn is defined as the following:

“Something that provides support or nourishment.”

What does sustainance mean?

The word sustainance has a number of definitions in different contexts. It can be used in the context of employment, meaning “to keep or maintain employment.” This is not to be confused with sustainable, which means “able to endure without collapsing or changing.”

What does sustainable mean?

Sustain, which is the most popular spelling of the word, means “to supply with necessities.” Sustainable, which is an acceptable variant spelling, means “able to be maintained at a certain level without damage or depletion.”

Which industries talk about sustainability?

The Building Industry at the moment or construction industry are trying to work at making old buildings sustainable. In the past repairs to historic property have been expensive and often are not environmentally friendly options. So many construction companies are now working with sustainability experts to find out how they can make sure that historic facades and stone buildings can be heated and repaired in a way that protects not only them in the long term but also the environment.

How are the new build industry looking at sustainance or sustainability?

When it comes to building new houses this really is a necessity currently since there are not enough houses for people in the UK. However does all of this building work fit with a sustainable England and world going forward. Well certainly houses that are built with solar panels are going to help by using less energy. Also new houses are often far better insulated with double glazing which means that heat is retained for longer in the buildings too.

How will susainance in the fashion world work?

The sustainable act of recycling clothes works really well. fast fashion has been really bad for the environment with so many clothes being manufactured cheaply and then just thrown away after a single wear. Unfortunately the world of social media does not help because girls only want to be photographed in an outfit one time.

What is fast fashion?

Fast fashion is a trend where clothing brands create their own products and sell them at low prices. The items are often made from low-quality materials, and they can’t be worn for long periods of time. Fast fashion is also contributing to the growing amount of waste because it has such a short lifespan, and it’s often thrown away after just one wear.

Boohoo and Missguided made their names for being an affordable, fast and convenient alternative to other clothing brands. Nowadays, this has changed as the company has turned into one of the leading names in the fast fashion industry.

The companies have also been ranked as one of UK’s biggest clothing retailers . Boohoo and Missguided have become popular among young people, especially keen on bargain hunting.

How stopping eating meat can help sustainace and the environment

The planet has a finite amount of resources. If you are eating meat,at home or at an event, this is an individual choice that requires more resources to sustain itself. It isn’t just cattle either. The production of meat involves water, gas emissions, and deforestation. All of these have negative effects on the environment. If you stop eating meat and donate a portion of your money to an environmental organization, you can help sustain the environment for future generations.


The two words sustainance and sustainability can be used interchangeably in our opinion. The word sustainance is a less common word that most people don’t know but does not typically refer to fuel or nutrition sustenance. The word sustainable, though, is more commonly used in the context of sustainability and it means capable of being maintained at a certain rate, level, or standard.

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