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How To Promote Through Social Media: Corporate Events

Corporate Events

Social media has become an important part of any kind of marketing. Gone are the days when people used social media just to connect and interact with people. It has now become a marketing tool.

There is no tool or platform as efficient for promotions and marketing as social media. Be it businesses, brands or events – using social media has become extremely vital.

Even formal events like corporate events have been influenced by social media. When it comes to event promotions, they are incomplete without promotions on social media.

Corporate events are usually huge events with many guests and participants, volunteers and speakers. And for an event that huge, it is important to have a proper strategy.

A proper strategy combined with efficient social media tools can help you achieve the best success results for your events.

Continue reading this blog to know more strategies:

5 Ideas To Use Social Media To promote Corporate Events

1. Introduce An Event-Specific Hashtag

Hashtags are extremely advantageous tools. By introducing an event-specific hashtag you can achieve a lot for your event. You can boost your event’s visibility and popularity on social media and even generate a considerable number of user generated content for your event.

Event hashtags are supposedly unique, and short and should have an impression of your event’s name or brand. Collecting UGC for your event can be highly beneficial for your event.

No amount of content can ever be too much. The more you have it, the better it is for your promotions. 

You can urge your audience on social media to use the hashtag in their posts or even collaborate with influencers and create a pre-buzz campaign with the help of the hashtag.

2. Keep Your Sponsors & Speakers In The Limelight

Your sponsors and speakers are the most treasured possession during events. You can keep them in the limelight on your social media to reach more audiences and get their fans to participate in your events.

You would not be able to anticipate the importance of having popular speakers as guests at your events unless you post about them on social media.

And once you do, you can ask them to share the event details on their social media pages too. This way you will also be able to capture their audience and convert them into participants.

3. Host Interactive Sessions & Quizzes

You can host interactive sessions and quizzes through social media. Such interactive activities are also excellent to boost event engagement and keep the audience attentive during the event.

You can use a social media aggregation and display tool to collect social content from Twitter and display a Twitter wall at your event. You can conduct quizzes, polls, and other activities with the help of a Twitter wall.

Twitter walls are extremely impressive to showcase visual UGC like photos and videos and other content like Tweets.

Twitter walls are customizable, open for moderation, and function in real-time so you can display your participants’ content on the Twitter wall, moderate it according to relevance, and even customize it by changing the color, layout, and theme of the wall.

4. Use Event Engagement Tools

Another excellent way to integrate social media into your corporate events is by using event engagement tools.

There are so many impressive event engagement tools in the market that can help you level up your corporate events.

You can use tools that can help you manage registrations and ticketing, tools to improve your event engagement by hosting quizzes, and polls, and tools that allow event hosts to showcase social media content.

UGC is truly the most eye-catching form of content. You can display it on big screens during events with the help of a social media aggregator and display tool.

You can collect content from Instagram through a source like hashtags, user handles, stories or reels and display it on any digital screen with the help of the best social media wall for events.

5. Keep Your Presentations Engaging

Presentations are a very essential part of professional functioning. They help in educating participants and encourage transparency among teams.

However, during corporate events, these presentations get somewhat monotonous and boring. It gets difficult for viewers and participants to stay concentrated during these events.

To change this situation, you can use design tools to create better and more engaging presentations.

You can add social content like Instagram posts, videos, and other forms of UGC and engaging content like memes from social media platforms to make the presentation more relatable and entertaining.

The Final Word

Social media has changed the market dramatically. From being a mere medium of communication to now becoming a marketing tool, event hosts are using social media to promote their events widely. And fortunately, it is acing successfully.

In this blog, we have presented a few compelling ideas to rely on for promoting your corporate events through social media. We hope these ideas help you. 

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