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4 Ways To Encourage Reading In The Smallest Of The House

Surely one of your purposes for the summer was reading more. Yes? But what you may not have considered is the way to make your children also discover the peace of putting themselves behind a few pages.

Led by Clara C. Scribá, Hispanic philologist and founder of Letropía, we review the 4 keys to begin to instill the habit of reading in children between 1 and 6 years old. From clearly setting an example to passing through toy books, we also discovered a series of titles to begin the path towards imagination in good company.

On many occasions, we can hear criticism about how little young people read today . Luckily, the study plans are adapting to the tastes more typical of those ages and far away are the times where reading for the term was uphill from the first pages.

Summer is the ideal time to take that time to dedicate to your offspring to start creating a healthy habit of leisure away from the screens. Making it a routine now will make it easier to stick with when the busy schedule hits again in September.

Before we get to the complaint about teenagers and a point of no return, we have time to instill the love of reading in the little ones in the house. Today, by the hand of Clara C. Scribá, director of Letropía, we review how to make children from 1 to 6 years old learn to love books, since it is, at these early ages, when we must begin to instill the habit of the reading.

At a time when screens take over our daily lives and it is difficult to escape from them, we must encourage the development of our children’s imagination through reading.

4 Ways to Encourage Reading Among Children Ages 1 to 6

  1. Toys books . Adapting the type of reading to each age group is of vital importance. Items that include textures, many colors, and even sounds will start to arouse children’s curiosity. As time goes by, we will introduce a little reading habit as such. “The important thing at this point is that they begin to associate the shape of the book, the fact of holding one physically, with leisure and fun,” says Clara.
  2. Night story . We know that it is difficult to get the energy at the end of the day to read a story with them. But establishing that passive reading routine on your part is also essential. In addition to creating a special moment between you, you are betting on a time without screens where they can develop their imagination, accompanied by illustrated books.
  3. If you read, they read . It is proven: children copy what they see. There is nothing like setting an example for your children to get bitten by the reading bug. “You don’t have to read great classics or anything grand. The simple fact of taking a magazine, a short novel, a book of stories ?? What they need to see is that you enjoy the reading you have chosen ”, Scribá points out.
  4. Visit children’s bookstores and have him choose his next reading . Make visiting the bookstores specialized in children’s literature a recurring and fun activity. «That they look forward to the moment to go and acquire new books. The library is equally valid ”, recalls Clara.
  5. Titles to start with

Scribá, to finish, recommends a series of titles destined to succeed. If you are not sure where to start with this children’s reading, start with these and ask for similar when you go to the bookstore or library for the following, which are suitable for preschool children.

  • “Princesses fart too”
  • “Guess how much I love you”
  • “The chicken Pepe”
  • “The color monster”
  • “A strange bug”
  • “What does the moon taste like”
  • “Elmer”

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