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9 Homes from Movies and TV Shows You Can Rent

Numerous TV series and movies are renowned for their imaginative narratives, some for their costumes, and others for the unique, stylish, or luxurious houses viewers instinctively desire to spend time inside. From Reese Witherspoon’s character beach home in Big Little Lies to Normal People’s Italian villa, there are plenty of options for fans looking for an unforgettable vacation stay. Here is a list of places to stay, like your favorite characters, by reserving abodes hosting reality stars, superheroes, and other celebrities.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Mansion in Lake Tahoe 

This 17-bedroom epic estate in Lake Tahoe, California, listed on Vrbo, is the perfect setting for a made-for-TV friends or family getaway. This property features high-end amenities like a private pool, a hot tub, a movie theater, and a game room. This luxurious home has been featured on TV shows such as The Bachelor, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and more.

Lake Tahoe, which straddles the border between California and Nevada, has long been a favorite vacation destination for the wealthy and famous – and with good reason. It’s not just a short drive from Los Angeles and Las Vegas, but it also has magnificent scenery, luxury lodgings, and lots to do in all four seasons.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians Beachfront Villa

In season 14, episode 2, Kourtney celebrates her 38th birthday with an epic vacation in Mexico. The reality star, with her sister Kim and a group of girlfriends, stayed at Casa Aramara, a lavish beachfront villa in Punta Mita. This property is available for rent if you want to enjoy a Kardashian-style vacation with a discreet and meticulous bilingual crew available to meet any request and a list of luxuries to satisfy the most demanding wish list. Casa Aramara was designed by Martyn Lawrence Bullard and is just two hours from Los Angeles by plane. It is the perfect place for a luxurious family reunion trip or a getaway with friends. 

Fixer Upper Mid-Mod Home

As seen in season two of Fixer Upper, this beautiful four-bedroom home rental in Waco, Texas, features an exquisite view of the surrounding woods and an avant-garde kitchen. The Mid-Mod property has enough space to fit 10-12 guests. You can rent this home on Airbnb. This home renovated on Fixer Upper is close to shopping and restaurants in downtown Waco. When considering booking a stay here, you can plan a vacation itinerary with everything that Waco offers, from hiking in Cameron Park to visiting the Magnolia Market. 

Steel Magnolias House

It’s hard to think that more than 30 years have passed since the Steel Magnolias film premiered. If you and your friends love this movie, the best way to honor it is to spend a girls’ getaway at the beloved Steel Magnolia House. In 1989, the film was shot mainly at this lovely house in the historic district of Natchitoches, Louisiana. The Steel Magnolia House provides a classic B&B experience with a hearty breakfast and genuine Southern hospitality.

Normal People Italian Villa

While most of the Normal People series is set between Dublin and Sligo, viewers also see the on-off relationship between Marianne (Daisy Edgar-Jones) and Connell (Paul Mescal) unfold against the backdrop of a beautiful Italian villa. The Italian house Tenuta di Verzano shown in episode eight of the hit series, is available on Airbnb. This charming ancient farmhouse in the Roman countryside has belonged to the same family for over 150 years. It enjoys an incomparable view, with a well-kept park and a beautiful swimming pool. 

Big Little Lies Beach Home

HBO’s Big Little Lies is known for its all-star actors and dramatic storylines, but sometimes its scenic location of Monterey County in California steals the show. While the series takes place in Monterey, the home of Reese Witherspoon’s character, a Cape Cod-style and real-life mansion, is in Malibu. This 7-bedroom luxury home can house up to 12 people and offers high-end amenities, including a massive outdoor deck with a fireplace and a jacuzzi. And the good news is that if you like to experience a stay here, you can now rent Madeline’s (Reese Witherspoon) family home for your next vacation in Malibu.

Tony Stark’s Cabin from Avengers Endgame

Plan a vacation at this cabin, where you can experience dock fishing, night swims, and quiet evenings by the fire while reenacting scenes from the final Avengers Endgame film. This lakeside cabin in Fairburn, Georgia was also the site of Iron Man’s funeral scene. Nestled on Bouckaert Farm, this three-bedroom cottage has space for six guests—Reserve Tony Stark’s Cabin on Airbnb.

The Invisible House from World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals

The Invisible House was one of the most impressive homes featured in Netflix’s World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals. The hosts, Jo Franco, Megan Batoon, and Luis D. Ortiz, and those who watched were astonished.

Visitors will see the world’s unique desert estate and one of the most well-known houses worldwide. In addition, they will have full access to all three bedrooms in the main home and the one bedroom in the separate casita. This elegant 5,500-square-foot minimalist getaway is on 90 stunning acres, the largest privately-owned property area bordering Joshua Tree National Park. The Invisible House is available for rent with Stay Fieldtrip.

Bella’s House from Twilight

You may now spend some time in the Pacific Northwest, where the heroine of the young vampire tale called home. Although the Twilight movie was shot in Forks, Washington, the house shown in the first chapter is in St. Helen’s, Oregon, approximately 30 minutes outside Portland. The owners preserve it as near to the way it was when Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) walked the hallways as possible. It accommodates ten guests in five bedrooms, including Bella’s, which overlooks the Columbia River.

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