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Affordable Ways To Add Value To Your Home Before You Sell


There are so many affordable things you can do if you’re looking to add value to your home that can make a massive difference in how much you can sell your home for. We are going to introduce some really affordable changes you can make easily no matter your budget! 

Give Everything A Coat of Paint

Our first tip is very simple, give everything a coat of paint! This can completely transform the look of your home and the goal here is to make your home look bright, welcoming and quite neutral. If your home is full of bright and quite controversial colours that might not be to everyone’s taste, it can be difficult for people to imagine themselves in your home. So, go for neutral colours that people will naturally be drawn to. 

Get Some Custom Blinds

Next up, you should improve your window dressings by investing in custom blinds. Window dressings can have such an impact on the overall look of your home, as if you have old drab curtains, the room immediately won’t be welcoming. So, replace them with beautiful and bright blinds that fit perfectly and you will add value to your home. Choose something nice and simple, like white plantation shutters, that will be to everyone’s taste and they are timeless. Go for a local business like a company for blinds Ruislip based to access genuine experts who really care about what they do. 

Spend Time Improving Your Garden

A great thing you can do on a budget to add value to your home is to spend some time improving your garden! You definitely don’t need to be a gardening expert here and you also don’t need to spend a lot of money. The aim is to make your garden look in a good condition and also like it is easy to maintain, as this will be a big green flag for many buyers. 

So, take away any weeds and cut your grass. Give your fences a lick of paint as this can really transform your garden! Borrow a jet wash from friends or family and give all of your slabs a good clean. Get yourself some wild flower seeds to plant around the garden for a beautiful finish. These are the best places to start and then if you have more time or budget, you could take things further! A clean garden can transform your home in the eyes of buyers. 

Focus On The Kitchen

Our next tip is to focus on the kitchen. For many people, the kitchen can be the make or break of purchasing a house, as it is not something that they can easily swap out and it is the heart of the home. So, we are here to help you transform your kitchen without having to completely replace it. Firstly, take off your kitchen cupboards and give them a paint. This can completely transform your kitchen, is very cheap to do and it’s hard to find other ways to create as much of a change without changing the cupboards completely. This will really brighten up the space. 

Next up, you should change out your metals, by replacing things like handles and your taps. Give your countertops a refresh with some vinyl overlays that are really easy to apply and also durable. Consider retiling yourself to freshen everything up (there are so many guides on how to do this online). If you are looking for one room to make a real difference in when it comes to adding value before you sell, the kitchen is a great place to focus on. 

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