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Podoactiva Opens Its First Clinic In Alicante

The opening is part of the company’s expansion plan in Spain, which has more than 300 professionals, 25 clinics and more than 150 hospital units throughout the national territory, in addition to having a presence in Mexico, Portugal, Italy or Andorra.

Podoactiva, specialized in podiatry and biomechanics, is making progress in its expansion plan with the opening of this new center, the first in Alicante, which is located at number 17 Avenida General Marva.

The clinic has 250 square meters in which the innovative technology patented by Podoactiva has been arranged, in addition to having two biomechanical rooms for the study of the footprint and another two for chiropodies. There is also a digital radiology area and an ultrasound area.

This clinic will be the reference center for Podoactiva in the province of Alicante, where it had previously been present with four podiatric units distributed between the capital and the cities of Elche and Benidorm.

In this clinic, specific podiatric treatments and services will be provided for all types of patients such as athletes, the elderly or children, among others, as well as all those related to podiatry for daily life.

“It is a great illusion to be able to have this responsibility, and that he is convinced that, with their treatments, the center’s professionals will be able to help make life a little easier for all Alicante residents,” says Aitor Pérez, head of the clinic.

For his part, Alberto Fernández, Director of Expansion at Podoactiva, declared that “the company faces the great challenge of continuing to grow and expand throughout the national territory.”

In addition, he explained that “the opening of the Alicante clinic has been a project in which Podoactiva has always trusted and as a result of the pandemic it has taken longer than we would have liked. To see that the center finally opens its doors is an enormous satisfaction for all “.

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