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Darias Plays The Distraction With The Future Role Of Private Health

Neither yes, nor no, nor quite the opposite. The Ministry of Health plays to the distraction with its next law that, among other things, will define the role of private health within the system.

The draft bill approved yesterday by the Council of Ministers includes the repeal of Law 15/97, the text that once allowed the development of the private sector in the health field. However, and despite the fact that Minister Darias assures that the preference will always be “direct public management”, she opens other paths to private companies, a circumstance that has been criticized by her government partner.

United We still does not give the go-ahead to a law that will also end health co-payments and return the universal character to Health that it lost almost ten years ago. Yesterday he announced that he will present amendments during the parliamentary journey of the law to ensure that the role of private health is residual until its disappearance. In fact, the paradigm that the purple party has in mind is the Valencian Community, where the concerts are not being renewed while no new ones are signed.

Faced with the public debate that is being held in the Government and which will soon pass to the Congress of Deputies, the IDIS employer released a statement yesterday defending its role in the National Health System.

“The role of private healthcare as a fundamental support for the public system is considered key by the Spanish, as has been shown in the report ‘Health in Spain. Perception survey’, a study carried out by SIGMA DOS for the Foundation IDIS. The responses show how 76.1% of Spaniards consider it necessary or very necessary to promote cooperation between private and public health, “they say.

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