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Cybersecurity Day Is Here, The Most Anticipated Event For IT Security Professionals

IEBS Business School, the leading digital business school in online training, presents Cybersecurity Day, a free online event in which leading experts in cyberattacks and cyberthreats will share their experiences in developing prevention and response actions against cybercriminals more and more specialized and organized.

During the past year no less than 133,155 cybersecurity incidents were managed in Spain alone , which represented an increase of 24% compared to before the pandemic, according to data published by the National Security Institute (INCIBE). This increase has gone hand in hand with the drive of digitization in organizations, which has made the possibility of suffering a cyber attack today one of the greatest fears of companies around the world.

For all this, it is essential to increase computer security measures on the systems of any organization, as well as to know the main cyberthreats that allow them to be identified and avoided. In fact, a study by the international Information Systems Security Certification Consortium (ISC) ensures that companies’ spending on cybersecurity has increased by up to 50% in recent years and estimates that 29,000 professionals trained in cybersecurity will be needed in 2022 only in Spain and more than 1.8 million worldwide. For this reason, more and more professionals are opting for training in this field.

Cybersecurity Day is an event that was born with the aim of spreading , with examples and success , how some organizations have managed to overcome the challenges of computer security. The presentations will deal with topics as relevant today as analysis and types of current cyber threats, future challenges for a CISO, how to do a risk analysis in cybersecurity, global regulatory trends and emerging technologies applied to cybersecurity. In addition, there will also be a round table on where to start cybersecurity management.

The event will feature speakers at the level of Maica Aguilar, Cybersecurity Manager at Ferrovial and member of the Women4Cyber ​​Spain Board of Directors, Lorenzo Martínez, Chief Technology Officer at Securízame, Rosalía Arroyo, Director of IT Digital Security, Luis Corrons, Security Evangelist at Avast Software, Francisco Rodríguez, Cyber ​​Security & Data Privacy Senior Lawer at Huawei and Lorena Bravo, Head of Technology & Digital Transformation at Oracle.

The conference will take place on November 18 via streaming, from 6:00 p.m. and ending at 8:10 p.m. with the last presentation. It is possible to register completely free of charge from this link .

Finally, to cover this new need in the labor market, IEBS Business School has launched the Master in Cybersecurity, a program designed in collaboration with IBM so that any professional related to technology can understand and manage Information Security and Cybersecurity in companies. and prepare as CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) and RSI (Responsible for Information Security). In addition, it has the endorsement of the Spanish Association for the Promotion of Information Security, so the student will be prepared to take the “Certified Cyber ​​Security Professional”, essential to work in this sector.

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