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A British Woman Is Denied Entry Into Spain

The ‘brexit’ has changed the lives of many Britons, especially those who tend to spend much time in Spain. Now, for any trip between the UK and the EU you need a passport.

A 72-year-old British woman has experienced it herself: she was denied entry into Spain because on her last visit, she did not stamp her exit in her passport, as recorded in the Mirror .

The woman entered Spain through Gibraltar to visit her son, a resident of the peninsula. Britons entering and leaving the Schengen area must now receive entry and exit stamps, but passport authorities forgot to stamp Linda’s when she last visited the country in June.

“I was denied entry to Spain on September 26 because my passport was not stamped when leaving on a previous week-long visit to Spain that began on June 4,” said the woman, named Linda.

Linda said she had proof that she had returned to the UK, including banking activity and information from the Covid test and trace app, but claims that border guards did not accept her evidence , they did not even look at it.

“My son, who speaks Spanish, tried to explain that he had other proof of having returned to the UK, but the guards did not agree or consider looking at it; they simply insisted that I had no stamp, that I had stayed longer and that they would arrest me for be illegal, ” lamented the woman.

Linda says the issue has yet to be resolved and says the Spanish consulate in the UK will only accept your original boarding passes as proof of departure, which you don’t have because your flights were booked online.

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