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Government Is Mortgaging Future Of Younger Generations With Budgets That Are Dead Paper

The leader of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado, qualifies the recently approved General State Budgets for 2022 as “ruinous” and “dead paper”, with forecasts that contradict the INE figures, and denounces that the Government of Spain is mortgaging the future of the younger generations : “Pedro Sánchez has to tell the Spanish the truth about who is going to pay those 300,000 million euros of deficit in 3 years or the 127% debt.”

In an interview with the newspaper El Mundo , Casado dismisses it as irresponsible that Pedro Sánchez has chosen to raise taxes , instead of lowering structural spending, as the Popular Party would do. “We propose a reduction of 60,000 million in ineffective spending through lower taxes, less bureaucracy, more labor flexibility and a reduction in the entire institutional and bureaucratic fabric of the state,” he says.

“Spain is bankrupt” , affirms Pablo Casado emphatically. In that sense, he is amazed that Minister Alberto Garzón assures that Spain is solvent when the European Central Bank has had to inject 330,000 million euros, of which 120,000 are all net issues of the national public debt last year.

Regarding the housing law, Casado considers that it is a violation of the right to private property, the free market economy and individual freedom . “We will present an unconstitutionality appeal as soon as the project is approved, he assures. It also makes Pedro Sánchez ugly when he asks him to sign a State Pact when he refuses to dialogue and only seeks to impose what was agreed with his government partners.

The new law is going to increase the price of housing because it is not a real solution to the problem of the Spanish, says the leader of the PP. In his opinion, a reform of the land law would make housing cheaper, as well as remove all public plots for public-private housing construction , instead of giving uncontrolled checks to young people “in an attempt to buy their vote. “.

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