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Microsoft Publishes A ‘Trick’ To Install Windows 11 Even If Your Computer Is Not Compatible

In a somewhat bizarre move, Microsoft is teaching users how to bypass Windows 11’s much-criticized minimum requirements.

Specifically, the biggest problem on the list of requirements is in the TPM (Trusted Platform Module), a chip built into the motherboard and used for password and data encryption; As it works by hardware, it is more secure than if it depended only on software, and that is why Microsoft now requires that our computer have TPM to be able to install Windows 11.

However, not all modern computers have TPM; It is present in most recent laptops, but older desktops and computers usually do not have it or it is not activated. This implies that many modern computers are not compatible with Windows 11, and cannot update even if the new system has already been released.

It is possible that your computer has TPM and you do not know it, or that you can activate a ‘virtual’ version on the motherboard; In this article we explain how to activate TPM for Windows 11 .

From the moment that Microsoft announced this requirement, it has received harsh criticism from users who have seen their computers suddenly become obsolete . Even Microsoft computers, like the original Surface Go, are not compatible with Windows 11.

It seems that Microsoft knows that the adoption of Windows 11 among the most enthusiastic can suffer a severe blow, because it has decided to share a ‘trick’ to bypass its own restrictions on installing Windows 11 without the need for TPM.

To install Windows 11 on an unsupported computer, we have to modify the Windows 10 registry so that the TPM check is not performed. The steps are as follows, but we warn that you should only follow them if you know very well what you are doing, because if you touch what you should not, you can make the computer stop working.

  • Open the registry editor, looking for “registry” in the start menu.
  • In the window that will open, navigate through the folders on the left through the following path: “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ Setup \ MoSetup”.
  • On the right side, right click and click on “New” and on “DWORD Value”.
  • Give it the name “AllowUpgradesWithUnsupportedTPMOrCPU” (without the quotes).
  • Double click on the new entry you have created, and in “Value data”, put “1” without the quotes.
  • Close and restart your computer . Go to the Windows 11 download page and download the tool to create Windows 11 installation media. Follow the instructions to install Windows 11.

It is not very common for a company to teach users how to break their own rules. Microsoft may have realized that the compatibility issue is bigger than you expected.

However, Microsoft continues in its thirteen in one detail: users who use this ‘trick’ may lose support; When starting Windows 11, a window will warn us that we may not receive updates, although Microsoft has not clarified if it will really fulfill that ‘threat’.

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