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Essential, Maximum Consensus In The Development Of The Law

The crucial moment for the implementation of the LOMLOE will come when the modifications related to the curriculum and its organization are introduced in the courses of 1st, 3rd and 5th of Primary, 1st and 3rd of ESO, as well as in 1st of Baccalaureate, in the organization of the 2022 academic year. -2. 3.

Before entering into any consideration on this issue, I must insist that a great educational pact is absolutely necessary to solve forever the continuous changes that occur in education with each change of government. Now that the regulatory development of the new Law is coming, it would be desirable that it be done with the maximum possible consensus.

It is urgent to specify the articles of the law that refers to the curriculum and the subjects (as the subjects are called in the legislation) that are studied in Baccalaureate to proceed with the application in the CCAA, organize the educational centers and, finally, give to know and guide the students and their families in the choice of the modality.

On Wednesday the General Education Commission finally met to debate this issue . The proposal is that students who start Baccalaureate next year, choose between five modalities (compared to the three of the LOMCE) that are structured as follows: Sciences and Technology, Humanities and Social Sciences, Arts, one oriented towards Music and the Performing Arts and another towards the Plastic Arts, Image and Design, and the last one that has come to be called General.

It stands out that Biology and Geology becomes Biology, Geology and Environmental Sciences, and Technology and Engineering appears as a subject of modality in the Baccalaureate of Sciences. In the Baccalaureate of Humanities and Social Sciences, the Business Economics of 2nd Baccalaureate becomes Business and Design of business models.

The Bachelor of Arts groups subjects in the Music and Performing Arts section, such as Musical Analysis or Performing Arts I, as a modality subject, and Choir and Vocal Technique, Language and musical practice and Audiovisual Culture as electives. In the section on Plastic Arts, Image and Design, Artistic Drawing is introduced as a matter of modality and the electives are Volume, Audiovisual Culture, Artistic Projects and Technical Drawing Applied to Plastic Arts and Design.

Finally, the biggest news, It lies in the General Baccalaureate, in which General Mathematics and Economics, entrepreneurship and business activity, and electives of other modalities are taught. It is understood that this Baccalaureate comes to satisfy students who do not have a clear professional vocation and opt for an open model rich in general knowledge of the humanities and sciences.

The other great novelty is to introduce History of Philosophy as a common subject in 2nd year of Baccalaureate together with History of Spain, Spanish Language and Literature II, 1st Foreign Language and the Co-official Language and Literature II, if any.

In the legislation the subject of Religion is not mentioned as an elective in the 1st year of Baccalaureate, so it is understood that it will not be taken into account in the average stage (important for scholarships and access to university) and therefore it returns to have the role it already had in the LOE when the LOMCE was repealed.

In any case, I insist once again that in this, as in all areas, educational centers not supported by public funds should be granted a differentiated autonomy, motivated precisely by that nature, which allows us to continue developing our work at the highest level quality with which we have always done.

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