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An Interactive Periodic Table, The Latest Innovation From Google To Aid Education

In constant growth to offer the most developed news to its users, Google has looked this time for education . One of the areas where technology is most committed, due to what it represents for the future, its latest update includes an interactive periodic table that is very useful for students and those curious about the subject.

Who has not resorted in class to having to print a periodic table where all the data of its 118 elements were shown . An indispensable role for chemistry students that, if lost, could put them in serious danger before a lesson, assignment or exam.

However, with the growth of the internet, this medium has evolved until it is easier to consult thanks to different web pages. An aspect in which Google has been introduced this time with an interactive periodic table.

Most complete, as it includes all possible data such as its atomic mass, density or year of discovery, it also has a 3D representation of Bohr’s atomic model . That is, a moving image where each electronic configuration moves in circular orbits around the nucleus, with the possibility of the user moving it with the mouse.

Of course, for the moment only in English (although it is perfectly understandable), it is unknown if it will soon be in other languages ​​such as Spanish. This could be a big step, since each item also includes a little information about it.

How to activate the periodic table of Google
Free to access , Google’s interactive periodic table can be accessed by simply searching for periodic table in the company’s search engine. In any case, if it does not appear at the bottom right in a small box, since at the moment it only appears in the latest versions, there is a link to access it.

Through the url https://artsexperiments.withgoogle.com/periodic-table/ , it is possible to enter this application directly in order to interact with the 118 existing elements.

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