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An NGO Denounces The Libyan Navy For Opening Fire

An NGO denounces the Libyan Navy for opening fire during the rescue of 44 refugees.

The rescue ship ‘Ocean Viking’, of the NGO SOS Mediterranée, announced this Friday the rescue of 44 migrants, including 15 minors and five women , one pregnant, during two rescue operations. In one of these operations, the NGO has denounced that a Libyan patrol boat opened fire on the patera .

“During the first rescue, a Libyan patrol boat approached the ship and began to complicate operations,” lamented the Oenegé on its Twitter account. The organization has echoed the testimony of the members of another humanitarian entity, the German Sea Watch, “who witnessed how a Libyan patrol boat fired several shots and threatened to overturn the wooden boat on multiple occasions . “

“Such shameful behavior is the antithesis of rescue and an insult to any sailor. Life must prevail before any other consideration, both in the Mediterranean and beyond,” added SOS Mediterranée.

Aggressive behavior
Two survivors of the rescues have disabilities and are already receiving medical attention from aid workers. According to the first testimonies collected on board, the two ships were adrift at sea for two days. The NGOs that operate in the Mediterranean often denounce the aggressive behavior of Libyan ships as well as the subsequent treatment of migrants in the detention centers of the North African country.

According to United Nations data, more than 720 migrants have died in the central Mediterranean since the beginning of this year.

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