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State Aid For Workers To Become Self-Employed

The Administration has available to any entrepreneur a help provided within the benefits for new self-employed: the capitalization of unemployment . This measure to promote self-employment allows a person who is receiving unemployment benefit to redirect the full amount of their subsidy to cover all the expenses of the beginning of a new stage as a self-employed worker.

In this way, the former employee can use this aid in three different situations:

  • Become autonomous within a society or a cooperative.
  • Become self-employed and start a new business.
  • Allocate the amount to make a contribution to the capital stock of a newly created commercial entity or created within a maximum period of 12 previous months.

Requirements to access this help
In order to access this help, it is necessary to meet a series of requirements:

  • Be a beneficiary of an unemployment benefit for at least three months.
  • Not having collected the single payment , in any of its forms, in the four immediately preceding years.
  • Invest the single payment within a maximum period of one month from the approval of the benefit.
  • People who, in the 24 months prior to requesting the single payment, have made self-employment compatible with contributory unemployment benefit will not be able to access the single payment .
  • Have passed the trial period established by the cooperative, if it establishes it.

How do I request the one-time payment?
The application to access the capitalization of the unemployment benefit can be submitted through four different channels :

  • The electronic headquarters of the SEPE.
  • At the benefits office, by making an appointment.
  • In any public registry office.
  • By administrative mail.

However, to carry out this request it will be necessary to accompany it with the following documentation :

  • Single payment application form.
  • National Identity Document (DNI) or passport; or, failing that, NIE.
  • Explanatory report on the project of the activity to be developed and the investment to be made, unless the modality of subsidy of Social Security contributions is exclusively requested.

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