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10 Best ways to use Vaseline in your daily beauty routine

Vaseline is one of the most useful products. To the wide array of problems like dry skin, cracked skin, or dry lips Vaseline is the perfect solution. In addition, it is a great moisturizer and heals your biggest organ i.e. your skin. The inexpensive nature of Vaseline has made it popular moisture across the globe. This article entails the best ways to use Vaseline in your daily beauty routine.

1.    Best for split ends of hairs

Vaseline is usually used by people as a moisturizer. However, it can also be used for controlling the frizz and dryness of your scalp. It also helps in preventing split ends, the petroleum jelly softens the ends of your hairs to prevent split ends.

2.    Use it as a make-up primer

While doing your makeup, you can use Vaseline as a primer after cleansing and toning your face. Try to apply a thin and fine layer to avoid extra oily skin. Your makeup will last longer when you apply Vaseline before applying the makeup.

3.    Enhance your eyelashes

You can use Vaseline to enhance your eyelashes. Take a mascara, wash it, dry it and then put it in the Vaseline. Now just apply it on your eyelashes, curl your eyelashes with it to make them thick and dark.

4.    Use it as a perfume base

Vaseline can make your perfumes last longer than usual. You only have to do one thing. Before spraying the perfume on your wrists or neck, apply some Vaseline.

5.    Use a brow gel

Vaseline can help you to lift and shape your eyebrows. You have to do the same thing, take a mascara brush, and after washing it apply Vaseline on it. Now just brush your eyebrows with Vaseline to give them a proper shape.

6.    Use it as a stain remover

Vaseline helps in removing make-up stains. If you are tired after doing a lot of hacks to remove makeup stains then you don’t have to worry anymore. Apply Vaseline to the stain and wait for a few seconds and remove it with a damp cloth, and yes the stain is not there anymore.

7.    Use it for darker spots

Most of us have problem areas like ankles, wrists, and elbows which darken than the other body parts. If you are facing the same problem, just rub a little bit of Vaseline on the darker spots. After using it for a week or more you will the difference.

8.    Use it as a make-up remover

Most of the ladies are worried about their skins because they have to use makeup removers. They usually don’t suit all skin types. To avoid the risk you can use Vaseline as a make-up remover, it is less harmful and easy to use.

9.    Use it as eyelash glue remover

Eyelashes are hard to apply but the most difficult part is to remove them. The eyelash glue sticks to your eyes and is not easy to remove. You can use Vaseline to make the surface smooth so the glue can be easily removed.

10.         Use it to protect your skin from hair dye

Dyeing your hair is the most difficult part of looking stylish. Sometimes the dye sticks to your skin and the scalp look too dark. To avoid this you can use Vaseline, when you apply Vaseline to the scalp the dye won’t stick to it.

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