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Telosa Plans To Be Built In The Middle Of The Desert

Telosa, the futuristic city that plans to be built in the middle of the desert. The project is focused on the United States, in the states of Idaho or Nevada. It expects to host 50,000 inhabitants in 2030 and 5 million in the next 40 years.

A dream come true. That is what the businessman Marc Lore wants to capture with Telosa, a futuristic, innovative and sustainable city that establishes a global standard for urban life, expands human potential and becomes a model for future generations.

To do this, the American entrepreneur has hired the services of the prestigious Danish architect Bjarke Ingels, who has already got to work with the plans of what will be a city that he wants to build in the middle of the desert, in a space of about 600 km2 currently empty and located in the states of Idaho or Nevada, in the United States.

At the moment only the plans are prepared, but it is expected that Telosa will house a population of 50,000 inhabitants in the year 2030 and that in the next 40 years it will reach five million people, as stated Yahoo Finance . The creators of this futuristic city want it to be equitable and able to better adapt to contemporary ways of life.

Telosa would become the most sustainable city in the world, where pedestrians, bicycles and electric vehicles would safely take command. In addition, the construction of a large observation tower called Equitism, a symbol of union between visitors and residents, is planned.

“We have the opportunity to demonstrate a new model of society that offers people a better quality of life and greater opportunities. I imagine that equity serves as a model for other cities, and even the world, and Telosa is a place of pride for all. those who live there “, declares Marc Lore. Other desert destinations that could be explored include the UAE and dubai. Certainly the Dubai weather in December is really great and a little warmer than the Nevada desert at this time of year.

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