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Abascal And The European Extreme Right Criticize EU For Defending Homosexuals

Abascal, Le Pen and the European extreme right criticize the EU for defending homosexuals. Ultra-conservative and neo-fascist formations on the continent sign a propaganda manifesto against Brussels. The reaction comes after 17 countries lashed out at the Hungarian law that prohibits talking about homosexuality in schools.

The European extreme right has not liked anything that up to 17 governments of the European Union (EU) denounced that the homophobic laws promoted by Hungary , in which it is prohibited to speak of sexual identity in schools and relates homosexuality to pedophilia, they pose a ” threat to fundamental rights” . That is why this Friday they have launched a joint manifesto against Brussels .

The text, signed by 16 ultraconservative and neo-fascist forces on the continent, including Vox , is a repetition of their usual slogans. Instead of directly mentioning his support for the policies of the Viktor Orbán executive – whose party also supports the manifesto – references are made to an alleged conspiracy to “transform civilization” and impose “new forms of social life.”

In the text they ask to draw up “a list of inviolable powers” to defend the national sovereignty of the community club states. With this, it is intended to shield and silence European criticism against discriminatory policies such as those promoted by Hungary or by the Government of Poland .

Authoritarian turn in Europe
It is not mentioned that the criticisms of these countries come after a reactionary turn that has led, among other things, to the persecution of ethnic minorities and humanitarian organizations and authoritarian coups by their governments to take control of the media and the public. justice . The EU’s denunciation of these violations of the rule of law is seen by the extreme right as a “dangerous tendency to impose an ideological monopoly”.

The manifesto asks to respect the “Judeo-Christian heritage” while criminalizing the European reception of people seeking asylum , something that, beyond religions, establishes the International Declaration of Human Rights.

In addition to the training led by Santiago Abascal , the manifesto has been promoted by the National Regrouping of Marine Le Pen (France), the League of Mateo Salvini and Brothers of Italy (Italy), FPÖ (Austria), Fidesz (Hungary) or the Law and Justice Party (Poland), among others. This is not the case with other nationalist and Islamophobic formations such as Alternative for Germany (AfD) or the Dutch Freedom Party (PVV).

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