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How to Make Your Partner Happiest on their Birthday?

Planning birthdays is hard. And when you are doing it for your significant other, the pressure is next-level. But the effort and thought you put into making the day memorable for your partner is what adds the ultimate value to the entire thing. All you need is a little push in the right direction. 

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Now, there can be several things that you can do to put a smile on your partner’s face on their birthday. I took my partner out to an escape room near me for their birthday this year, and it was the highlight of the entire day for both of us! So, while playing an escape room game can be one of the fun activity options, what about the birthday present?  

You need to think of a good present for your partner, and that is where our article is going to help you out. Check out the following list of ideas and choose a suitable present for your partner’s birthday.  

1. Makeup Mirror  

While buying makeup items for your partner can be the trickiest affair that you would ever get into, buying a makeup mirror is a piece of cake.  

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The sheer variety and uniqueness of the different makeup mirrors available today are enough to overwhelm you easily. There are even makeup mirrors as unique as one with a sensitive touch sensor present on it! With this makeup mirror in hand, your partner would exercise full control on even the amount of lighting that they may desire at a certain time. In most cases, such mirrors come in a three-folded variety with high-quality magnifying features.  

But if such mirrors seem a little too expensive for your budget, there are also several other unique varieties of mirrors for you to choose from!  

2. Air pods 

If your partner likes the beat and loves to plug in their earphones for a little music, why don’t you gift them an amazing pair of air pods for their birthday? As the entire world seemingly adjusts to the newfound wireless technology, air pods have become extremely popular! So, update your partner on the present trends in the market by gifting them one!  

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However, if buying air pods seems to be way out of your budget, you can also opt for the wireless earbuds that are marketed by well-known companies like BoAt and others! These wireless earbuds also feature a cool and cutting-edge design and fit comfortably in your ears. So, what are you waiting for? Grab a pair for your partner’s birthday gift!  

3. Kindle Paperwhite 

If your partner loves to read books and can’t get enough of books, buying a Kindle Paperwhite for them is your best choice! Carrying around heavy and fat books often becomes a tiresome activity. But with a Kindle Paperwhite in hand, your partner can delve into the wonderful world of books even while on the commute!  

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It also comes in with a glare-free display that cares for your partner’s eyes. What’s even more exciting is that it is waterproof and can be integrated with Audible to listen to audiobooks too!  

4. The Friends Apartment LEGO set 

Does your partner love to watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S. and has seemingly lost track of the number of times they have watched it? Well then, look no further and get your partner the Friends Apartment LEGO set without fail. From the most-loved of the globally acclaimed T.V. series to even the entire set, you can find it all in this amazing LEGO set!  

The LEGO set even includes some of the most iconic props from this famous show to draw you in while you assimilate the pieces. Buy this LEGO set for your partner’s birthday this year and let them feel the rush of nostalgia as they start assembling the pieces.   

5. Wine delivery 

If wine happens to be your partner’s all-time favorite liquor, then look no further and stick to this for their birthday gift this year. Guess what? There are even some amazing wine delivery services that you can opt for now! 

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These wine delivery services will deliver your wine bottles in beautifully decorated boxes too! You can even personalize the decorations as per your desires. So, if your partner enjoys their glass of wine, gift them a box of wine bottles on their next birthday.   

6. Wristwatch 

Does your partner ever get out of the house without a wristwatch strapped to their wrist? If not, then gifting them an embellished wristwatch for their forthcoming birthday can be a good idea.  

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From a rose gold stainless steel watch to the classic leather-strapped wristwatches, there are various choices for you to choose from! Now, no one knows your partner’s choice better than you. So, use your knowledge to gift them a wristwatch that not only hugs their wrist comfortably but also looks good on them!  


Keeping in mind the likes and dislikes of your partner and your budget, you can choose a suitable present among the above. Make sure you don’t end up buying something that they already have. Instead, give them something unique that shows that you pay attention to them and their habits, even when they are not looking! 

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