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Patch Tattoos: Are They Here to Stay or Will I Regret Having One?

Patch tattoos or embroidery tattoos are taking the world of tattoos by storm and raising the bar even higher for the skilled artists that have already made a name in this field. The tattoo artists are not only painting on the canvas of human skin; they are now making it appear as though an actual patch of fabric has been sewn into the very flesh of a living person. Assembling the intricate details is definitely an arduous task, but the artists are proving themselves as masters all over again with this win. 

The popularity of this hottest trend in tattoos is attributable to the final look and the skill required for accomplishing the task. It is widely known that the world of tattoos is constantly evolving, and the most recent trend that has clawed the masses in its grip has been here for some time now. People are obsessed, and no one is complaining. 

Let’s dig out the reasons why patch tattoos are going to stay for long & one will have no regret having these. 

Why are Patch Tattoos Standing Out? 

The admirers of art, this one is for you. Whether you are searching for a new tattoo to be put on your body or an enthusiast for originality, taking notice of these unique patches is essential for you. The attention to the fine details of each patch is the most intriguing feature of these tattoos. This latest body design gives the illusion that it is on the verge of popping off of the flesh due to its appearance. 

The primary inspiration behind this type of tattoo is the needlework used to beautify and enhance the look of a fabric. These tattoos were an effort to mimic the look, and the ending result was so highly appreciated that it boomed into the next burning trend. 

The needlework on human canvas—quite literally, considering the needle used for creating tattoos, for patch tattoos requires the formation of colorful threads and manifested as though they are actually sewn into the skin. A large number of parallel lines are produced to make this happen. This will provide the tattoo with a three-dimensional (3D) look. 

Some tattoos based on this design are so fine that they trick people into thinking that they are an entirely separate fabric piece lying on the body part. Adding in a light shadow in the shadow is just like the frosting on the cake, giving it the ultimate realistic effect by forcing it to look a level raised on the flesh. 

Is the Procedure Unique too?

Since the actual process does not involve working a real needle and thread, the procedure of getting a patch tattoo is almost similar to other tattoos. The only distinctive features are making parallel lines, shading up, and giving the ultimate 3D look through inking. An average tattoo of this design is created within 2-6 hours, depending upon the color range of the patch. Adding more colors adds more time because the needle is to be cleaned for each color for a neat final look. 

The Chances of Regretting Getting One

Any tattoo inked becomes a permanent resident on your skin. Patch tattoos are no different. It is vital that before getting one, adequate research is done about who will attach the patch to you. Not every tattoo artist has the expertise to make this intricate work perfect, and you will not want to have a design clinging to your skin that you detest at every look. 

It should be a thought-it-through decision. You should absolutely love and admire what you are getting at heart because you cannot reverse the time. Take out some time, sit down, and explore a wide variety available on the internet. If you have any preference already, take the adequate time to imagine it so that later it becomes easier for you to have it customized by the artist according to your choice.

A critical point to note is that if you are getting the patch tattoo to follow the trend and not just because you admire the uniqueness, you might regret it.

The Stay of Patch Tattoos

There is a high and low to every trend, and no fashion can escape this fate. There is a likelihood that the trend will return, but it will hit rock bottom for sure for some time. Patch tattoos have been here for some time now, but no one can guarantee when their buzz will dim down, or another hot trend will replace it. 

Right now, patch tattoos are still not losing their momentum, and as the new artists are becoming familiar, more mind-blowing designs are surfacing. The world is here for it. So what the wait is for, hurry up & book your slot to have the patch tattoos. 

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