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Tips for Walking Male and Female Dogs Together

temperaments in dogs due to their genders

When walking dogs personally or professionally, you must take into account their differences due to their genders. Male dogs may react differently around female dogs, and you must be careful to understand how they react as you will be walking them in close contact. In this article, we will give you information on the different temperaments in dogs due to their genders and tips on how to walk them together.

When the dogs are not neutered or spayed

There is a big difference between dogs if they have not been neutered if they are male or if the dog is a female, spayed. Males and females are more dominant and territorial when they have not been neutered or spayed. Males can also become more distracted, which is not good when you are walking them. Furthermore, male dogs are usually more defensive when they see other dogs or people, so keep an eye on them in case they decide to give chase.

But, a dog’s temperament doesn’t just depend on whether they have been neutered or spayed. Dog breeds have different dominance levels, so do some research on different breeds before walking them together to know which ones may act up with other dogs.


Make sure dogs of each gender are trained before taking them out together. This will make walks easier and calmer. Training them to walk properly by making sure they stay by your side and that they don’t pull on their leashes will make it easier for you to control them before you bring them together on walks.

Brad Phifer, director of pet behaviour services for Broad Ripple Animal Clinics says: “First impressions between dogs are really important”. So getting the dogs’ first meeting correct and making sure it goes well before bringing them together on a walk will be beneficial.

Making sure you give each dog equal attention will make them less likely to be jealous towards each other too. This will train them to accept the other dog as their equal as well. This will also help dogs that feel like you are their person no matter the gender, so allowing them to see that the other dog is good and is accepted will help them.


The best way to train two dogs of different genders to be together is by taking them on long walks. Having them out on in neutral territory will mean they don’t pick up on scents around them apart from the other dog. Keeping them apart and allowing them to have their own space that isn’t being invaded will help them get used to each other. If possible, have them on separate leashes. If you are a professional dog walker with an assistant, then have one each if you know they might need to get used to each other.

Be a leader

You must show that out of the genders of dogs you are walking, you are the one that has dominance and that you are a strong leader. Different dogs will fight with each other regardless of their gender if they don’t have a strong leader. Even two submissive dogs can fight if they see they have a weak leader. If you see a dog bossing another dog around make sure you stop it to show the dog that it is not the leader, you are. This will allow the dogs to be good followers and therefore make walks easier.

Allowing both dogs, no matter their gender, to have a fantastic walk each day is the best thing you can give them in life. And to make sure they are looked after in the best way is to have dog walkers’ insurance if you are a professional dog walker. If you are an owner, make sure you find a dog walker with insurance. By following our tips walks will  be easier, and your dogs will be happier.







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