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The world now is pretty fast paced and we have so many gadgets to look after. Our Smart phone or cell phone often has our lives carried on it in the form of notes and diaries and social media profiles. Luckily these days we store so much in our clouds that we have backed up all of our data to make sure this is not lost. However it can still be so annoying if you lose your cell phone because it costs money and time to replace. In this article we look at the best apps to track your cell phone.

What to do if you lose your smartphone

It only takes a fraction of a second to lose your device, especially with the worry of it being stolen or lost.

If your phone is lost, don’t panic. There are steps to take to ensure that you can find it as quickly as possible.

Technology provides one way to find your phone, by tracking it at the location from the moment it goes missing. Of course, not all of your tracker apps offer you the same features as some dedicated surveillance apps.

Phone tracker apps allow you to find a lost device in addition to recovering it. They not only track the location of your phone but also feature other benefits.

Reviews of the best cell phone tracker apps

Harnesses the power of a mobile phone’s GPS and network to find out where the phone is and who has it

Where’s My Droid

Trackr is one of the best apps to find your lost or stolen devices. It allows you to track where it is via a link to Google maps and makes it easier than an app to find them. Occasionally, if the phone can’t hear anything, Trackr sends the last known location with a password protection for your phone. It was made specifically for convenience, and some of its features are GPS flare that alerts you when your battery is low, passcode protection from unauthorized app changes and being able to remotely lock your device.


The app can both help you find lost items, as well as keep track of the location of loved ones. It’s also useful because it lets you communicate with members in your group. Features of the app include being able to chat with members, being alerted about current locations, and acting like a walkie-talkie.

The Find My Device app

The app “Find My Device” traces down the lost device, and factory resets the phone if it is found, blocking your data from being accessed by a third party. The map provides places of interest that are vital to the user. It features a custom message and contact number for those instances when no one knows where you are.

Track your phone’s whereabouts and battery status.

FamiSafe Reviews

FamiSafe is a phone GPS tracking app on the market which gives you access to your smartphone’s location and comes with other impressive features. The app requires jailbreaking in order to install on iPhones, and will need Android root privileges too in order to have more advanced features. FamiSafe has a real time alerts to signs of cyberbullying, flexible keywords warning adding, and suspicious photos detection.

Track View

The surveillance app  not only helps you find your phone, but it also has features that allow users to keep track of its location. In addition, the app can also send safety messages. Some of the notable features are live-tracking, video controls and motion detection.

Life 360

The Life360 phone location trackers app works on all devices and can allow users to keep loved ones updated with their current location. The features of the app make it more secure than most. In case of emergencies, the app will automatically call for an ambulance and send notifications to emergency contacts. It also offers group chat and private groups, which some apps don’t have.


It is a lost phone finder app with excellent safety features. One feature that sets this app apart from others of its kind is that the location can be shared and viewed in real-time, even if the other user does not have Glympse installed on their device. Other features include being able to share your location as well as an ETA, as well as alerting first responders and providing courtesy notices.


Cocospy is an app that help you track your lost or stolen phone, Cocospy boasts positive reviews, being used by millions of happy users. With the surveillance feature, it lets you track the location with remote access to the content on your phone.


This app will help you navigate your way and keep track of your location.


Mobicip’s Parental Control will allow you to know where your child is instantly. Mobicip uses space-time mesh technology to track your loved ones’ location, and ensure that they get to where they need to be without any problems.

Google Maps

Google Maps, with its real-time features, is the fastest and most efficient map available.


OneSpy is the best free phone tracker app and is well known in the market. OneSpy offers several features such as monitoring cell phones and tracking their location, contact list, contacts messages, social apps, etc. The app also has a live chat function called OneSpy Xpress that allows you to cruise on a target’s social networks and brief information through all the app’s functions and services.

What you can learn from the best cell phone tracker apps

There are a lot of cell phone tracking apps available for free in app stores. All the apps mentioned have positive reviews and provide great service.

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