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ManoShala attempts to break the stigma in mental health and well being, “have a coffee with your expert”


The stigma surrounding mental health has plagued society for years. Studies show that 1 in 4 adults living with a mental health condition experience judgement and discrimination, and often we are judged more harshly than those afflicted with other physical conditions.

It’s unfair and it needs to change. At ManoShala, it is believed that when you have a coffee with your expert, the stigma begins to break down. Participants can then leave the experience with all the answers they need and a better understanding of mental health.


How is ManoShala breaking the mental health stigma?

  1. Everything is secret: Because of the anonymity and confidentiality, someone living with a mental health condition can ask their expert any questions they want. They don’t have to worry about being judged or fearing their answers expose their struggle.
  2. Variety of experts: They have an expert on every mental health and well-being condition, so participants have the opportunity to learn the truth behind what they are going through. The experts share what treatment is available and how it can help them overcome their struggle.
  3. Enacts self love: ManoShala empowers people to build a better relationship with their true self, without judgement or fear of judgement as they interact with our experts.
  4. Enlightenment and learning: ManoShala allows participants to learn from the experience of others who have been in their shoes. Participants walk away with new (or renewed) insights and better understanding.
  5. Embodies acceptance: There is no judgement, only acceptance. ManoShala is present with their experts to help them on the road to recovery and self love.
  6. Rekindle the soul: In a world where people have so much access to media, they can be affected by negative or harmful messages that negate their worth and value as a person. At ManoShala, they offer a place away from distractions and judgement, but give them space to reconnect with their true selves and begin that journey of recovery.
  7. ManoShala is everyone’s refuge: It can be scary to open up about mental health, even more so with a complete stranger. ManoShala helps people realise that it’s ok to be vulnerable and they are not alone.
  8. Learn about your options: One on one therapy isn’t just the only option, there are actually many different therapies available to treat mental health conditions. At ManoShala, participants learn about all the different healing options available.
  9. Likeminded people’s community: They employ people who are either care givers, warriors or belong to this background to ensure an empathetic environment.
  10. Personal attention: ManoShala is dedicated to ensuring personal care for each client by calling them frequently to understand their ever emerging needs.
  11. Interesting content: They provide new, informative and creative content in the form of posts, live sessions and blogs to spread awareness about mental health.
  12. Students bring a real change: They conduct conferences with school management to educate them about the mental health of students.
  13. It’s just so powerful: They are collaborating with many organisations to educate caregivers and family members about mental health disorders.

ManoShala’s experts claim that by learning the truth behind what they have been going through will help them overcome their struggle and mental health and well being issues that they may be experiencing.

Are ManoShala experts dependable?

These experts are trained experts from worlds’ best institutes Lesley, Berklee, Hancock Centre, New York University, TISS Mumbai, ST. Xavier’s with an average of 10 years of work experience. They focus on mental health services, previously invested in research and authorship. They have also had personal experiences with mental health conditions of many different kinds such as clinical depression, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and others.

What services does ManoShala offer?

They offer personalised therapy sessions, expressive art based therapeutic workshops and corporate workshops. They have been trusted by Sony India, Escorts India, Poddar Education Network, GIS, Core Diagnostics and a lot of other organisations.

How can you book a session?

Book a session on the ManoShala website by clicking here and selecting an expert, date and time. You can also get more details by dropping a mail on community@manoshala.com or logging onto their website manoshala.com

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