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What Are The Best Telemedicine Platforms?

What are the best telemedicine platform

Telemedicine platforms help you in connecting with your doctor from anywhere and anytime. Patients can grab the treatment facilities by simply seating in their comfort zone at home and consulting doctors virtually. 

It is predicted that by 2030, healthcare providers will provide 50%of their services virtually.

So why and when is virtual interaction better than in-person visits? 

For conditions like flu, mental health issues, lactation consultations, well-being services, and other non-critical conditions these virtual interactions are best. 

They help you save time in commuting and in waiting rooms and help you get care from home. 

The other benefits include:

  • Scheduling in-app or at-hospital appointments 
  • Consulting your choice of doctor and maintaining contact with them from anywhere
  • Getting in touch with doctors far from you
  • Reward systems 
  • Privacy in consultation and treatment
  • Ordering prescriptions and lab tests at home
  • 24*7 online assistance
  • To protect immunocompromised patients from infections at hospitals. 
  • Remote monitoring of vitals.
  • Assessing progress post-treatment

Chronic conditions,  severe burns, and other critical health conditions are not meant to be consulted on these.

But there are thousands of these platforms,  so which one is best for you? 

In this article, we will look at the best apps and websites offering good healthcare benefits and what can be used. 

Please note that we are not promoting any app and this is not an advertisement.

Things to keep in mind before selecting a telemedicine service:

  • Whether or not they have experienced and licensed professionals
  • If they are secure and offer privacy to patient records and data
  • Price of subscriptions and plans
  • Languages the app is available in
  • Cyber security
  • Ease in a User interface 
  • Post-consultation services like scheduling lab tests, patient assistance, etc
  • Waiting time for consultation
  • If in-app purchases are covered under insurance

Top 7 Telemedicine Platform

Telemedicine tools are the most satisfactory tool in care facilities. Healthcare professionals prefer to use telemedicine for primary care delivery as it is reliable and accessible. 

#1 Doctors on Demand 

Image Credit: Doctors on demand

Medical office software for video consultations with the choice of doctors and getting a medical prescription at the end

Provides consultation for lactation, mental health, and urgent care

A 15-minute consultation can cost around 75$ but can be claimed under insurance 

Best features: 

  • Allows to choose doctors and mark them as favorites.
  • 24*7 access to doctors
  • Multiple insurance covers are available
  • Prescriptions are sent to a pharmacy 
  • Keeps records of medical history
  • Children’s mental health support is available 

#2 Maple

Image Credit: Get maple

Diagnosis can be done via text, audio, or video 

Provides consultation for urology, pediatrics, sexual well-being, oncology, mental health, general health, and many more.

Charge 49$ for weekday visits and 79$ for a weekend visit

Best features:

  • Fast appointments 
  • 24*7 access to doctors 
  • Insurance coverage
  • Receive digital prescription or sick notes
  • Keeps a record of medical history

#3 Sesame Care:

Offers treatments for skin, dental, mental, sleep, wellness, diabetes, men’s issues, and much more. 

Allows booking appointments for in-person doctor visits.

Has membership plans that reduce the cost of online and offline appointments,  medical tests, and therapy sessions

Offers prescriptions pickup and delivery

Best features:

  • Offers a wide variety of health services 
  • Affordable and covered by most insurance
  • Allows to book same-day appointments
  • Video consultation
  • Easy User interface

#4 Eyecare Live

Uses video calls for eye consultation and diagnosis for primary eyecare problems.

Specialize in dry eye care, red/pink eye, styes, eye allergies, and swellings/ bumps on eyelids. 

Renews prescription for eyeglasses and contact lenses. 

Has an online store for dry eye products, frames, etc

Best features:

  • Easy access to patient records
  • Same day appointments
  • Online prescriptions
  • Provides training and support to doctors and staff
  • Free online vision test.

#5 Inkblot

Image Credit: Inkblotherapy

Provides Mental health and well-being support for individuals and organizations

Had questionnaires to find the best therapist for my personal needs.

Best features: 

  • Allows a 15 minutes free consultation to know the therapist.
  • Provides complete confidentiality,  privacy, and security
  • Allows messaging without revealing contact details
  • Less waiting period
  • 24*7 assistance and consultation

#6 Babylon

It is an AI-assisted healthcare platform.  It uses AI in chariots to assess and diagnose symptoms. 

Helps in getting an overview of current and future health risks

Provides well-being and general consultations

Costs around 49£ per consultation or 149£ annually.

Best features:

  • Medication reminders
  • Delivers medication
  • Activity tracker
  • Integrates with wearable health monitors
  • Books appointments
  • Keeps health records 
  • Free health tools to check symptoms, current health, and mood. 

#7 Skinvision

This app uses AI in assessing small changes in skin like spots, scars, and itchiness, and can predict possible skin cancer issues

It provides personalized skin health advice.

The best platform to connect with dermatologists, learn about self-skin care, and provide lots of blogs about skin issues.

It costs 6€ per skin check and 49€ for an annual subscription.

Best features:

  • Instant and accurate skin assessment
  • Dermatologists around the globe
  • Gives advice on when to visit a doctor
  • Reminders for skin health monitoring
  • Health journey guidance and recommendation

Future Scope of  Telemedicine platforms

Although, technology has always been a helping hand in the healthcare industry. 

And, telemedicine apps have made healthcare benefits available at a tap anywhere and anytime. 

It was effectively used during the pandemic by providing virtual care facilities by seating in the comfort zone. 

In addition, patients can easily consult doctors and get e-prescriptions with 24*7 virtual assistance. However, the white-label telemedicine app is a trending solution used for primary care facilities. 

And there is no doubt that the future of telemedicine is bright. The market size of telemedicine shows a promising future for it. 

“It is estimated that the market size of telehealth is to reach the peak of US $309.9 billion by 2030 with a 45.1% annual growth rate.”

As a result, looking at the growing opportunity, new participants are taking place in the market with tech-oriented solutions.

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