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Simple Changes You Can Make To Become Healthier

Making changes in your life, in any form, can be difficult. When you’re trying to become healthier, this can be even more difficult. So, we are here to make things more simple with these changes, where you won’t have to compromise or make huge changes to your routine, but can easily incorporate within your existing routine to make the transition towards a healthier lifestyle much easier. This is the best way to do it, as if you make drastic changes you’re very unlikely to keep up with them, but when you do it bit by bit, they will naturally become a part of your routine. So, let’s introduce some simple changes you can make to become healthier! 

Do More Steps

Our first tip to help you improve your health care is to do more steps. This is one of the most simple things you can do, as it helps you to lose weight, build muscle and generally improve your fitness all around. Many people say you should aim for 10,000 steps a day, but for most people, this is just simply not possible, either because of their current fitness level or because of time constraints. 

So, figure out how many steps you’re doing on average (your phone will probably already be counting this for you in the health section), and then try to add a couple of thousand steps. So, if you do 2,500 a day on average, try to increase that to 5,000. If you do 1,000, increase it to 3,000. No matter where you start, as long as you are doing more it’s taking a positive step toward you becoming healthier. Perhaps have an end goal in mind, perhaps to reach in 6 or 12 months’ time, and gradually work your way up. Like we said, rushing to 10,000 steps and trying to keep up with it will make it difficult to maintain, and you will probably feel disheartened. So, keep your goals achievable and this will really help you to keep it going! 

A great way to fit more steps in is to make use of your lunch break. Head out for 15 minutes for a quick stroll, get a few steps in and you will notice such a difference when you get back to your desk, feeling much more clear minded and ready for the afternoon. Or, get off public transport a stop early to fit extra steps in. Maybe you get home and put on your seamless gym leggings then go for a quick walk when you get home to help set you up to relax for the evening. There are so many ways to fit extra steps into your day!

Eat More Fruit and Veg

Our next tip is to eat more fruit and veg. If you have to hydrate yourself, do it healthily with a boost of nutrition by preparing a few healthy juice recipes at home using organic foods. Rather than restricting other areas of your diet to begin with, focus on eating more fruit and veg to fuel your body. They are packed full of different vitamins and minerals that will help to look after all of your major organs and are so important to make sure everything is functioning properly. So, this is a great place to start when it comes to your diet. 

Start by picking up an extra 4 or 5 fruit and veg at the supermarket and eat them throughout the week. If you’re really not a fan of them on their own, make a big batch of soup with all your leftover veg or blend your fruit into delicious smoothies with some fruit juice and a banana. You could even cut your veg into really small pieces and add them into your pasta or curry sauces. Your options are endless and this is a great opportunity to learn a few new recipes. 

Eat More Protein

Whilst on the topic of diet, you should also try to eat more protein. Protein is essential in helping our bodies to recover and it helps us to feel fuller for longer and gives us adequate energy, so try to eat a good portion of protein with every meal. You will find protein in lots of different foods, like lean meats, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy products, beans, legumes, nuts, tofu and much more. 

So, have a portion of protein with every meal and then you could snack on things like yoghurt and nuts for an extra boost throughout the day. You will naturally not be snacking as much on other foods, so you will probably lose weight and this will help you to become healthier overall. It’s a win-win! 

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