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When it comes to the gym, it is difficult to stay motivated as it takes time to see yourself making progress. If you are not seeing yourself achieve your fitness goals then it can be degrading. Nonetheless, there are many things to keep yourself motivated. Luckily for you, we have developed a quick guide to help you stay motivated for your fitness goals.

Bring A Friend To The Gym

Many people will go to the gym on their own however, bringing a friend with you can be more motivating. They will help reach your limits as well as keep you entertained in between your sets. The gym can be lonely on your own so there is no harm in bringing a friend that also wants to get fitter. You can spice up your sessions by seeing who can do the longest plank or the most reps of a particular workout.

Keep Rewarding Yourself

When you begin to see results, you must pat yourself on the back (not literally). A reward is needed when you have gained an extra few pounds of muscle or achieved your fastest 5K time. There are many things that you can reward yourself with as well.

Booking a spa weekend is a great way to reward yourself and help benefit your rest period. Spas can be really good when it comes to relaxing your muscles. Not only will you be sweating it out but you will also get a massage on those tensed-up muscles which you have been using.

Another good way to reward yourself is to buy new gym gear that you may need. Maybe a new pair of running trainers, gym leggings or sports bras to add to your gym collection. You could even get yourself a new fitness water bottle. Just something that changes your workout slightly.

Plan To Go To The Gym When It Is Quiet

One of the worst things about the gym is going at peak times. Simply because you have to wait around to get on your favourite machines or use the dumbbells you use. Waiting around can put you off going to the gym so go when it is a lot quieter. There is nothing wrong with going to a gym at off-peak times because it is quiet and nobody will get in your way. It is just you and those gruelling gym machines.

The only time we would recommend that you visit a gym during its busiest times is when you are attending a class. A fitness class is another great way to keep yourself motivated as you are with other people so you can make new friends.

Some gyms are only open for a limited time so, they will usually be busy all the time. Furthermore, there are many gyms out there to attend that are 24/7. Sign up to those gyms as you can visit early hours of the morning or late evenings.

Keep Tracking Your Progress

If you want to push yourself to the absolute limit, the best way to do that is tracking your progress. Another thing you should do is record the weights that you use for each exercise. Always use the maximum weight possible where your form is correct but also works your muscles. It is pointless going to the gym and lifting the same weight every time you attend.

Record the weight that you use along with the number of reps. When using the treadmill, record how fast you took to complete a certain distance. The same goes for if you are using the rowing machine.

If you are on a mission to reduce your body fat percentage, record the data every month. If you are looking to put on muscle mass, record your weight every two weeks. Just make sure you have some record of the results that you achieve each week to keep yourself motivated.

To Conclude

There are many methods to keep yourself motivated when going to the gym. Following a training schedule is great to keep yourself motivated as well. Plus, it is a way to remain organised with your workouts and keep on top of what you are doing. We would suggest that you arrange your workout schedule to last a month.

One final thing we will mention when it comes to your workouts is to be realistic. A weight that you might have been able to lift last year may be very different now. An injury could have affected the strength in a certain area or age may be getting the best of you. Remember, push yourself to your limits and never give up.

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