Sildenafil (Viagra) is a medication that can help treat impotence. It belongs to the drug class of PDE-5 inhibitors. Moreover, there are other drugs belonging to the same drug class, including Levitra (Vardenafil), Cialis (Tadalafil), and Spedra (Avanafil). These work by calming down the blood vessels in the penis and making blood flow easy. A sufficient amount of blood flow helps maintain a strong erection. Remember, these medications can help ED when physical reasons are the cause behind your inability. These medications can also work if the culprit remains unidentified. However, if the cause of erectile dysfunction is a psychological disorder, you may need counseling or psychological therapy for your impotence treatment. 

What are PDE-5 inhibitor medicines?

All medications falling in this medicine group nearly work similarly. However, their chemical makeup and the duration for which they can help you remain firm may vary. Therefore, discuss their potential benefits and threats. A brief account of these drugs is as follows-

  • Cialis

Another name for this medicine is Tadalafil. It usually treats benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). This medication can also help address erection problems. For that reason, experts prescribe taking it 1 to 2 hours before engaging with your partner. It can help remain erect for about 35-36 hours.  

  • Sildenafil

Also known as Viagra, Sildenafil can help you remain erect for around 5-6 hours. This medicine is the most popular and recommended drug among all the medicines of PDE-5 inhibitors. Moreover, experts recommend using it on an empty stomach. Take the medication about half an hour to one hour before engaging in sexual activity for the best results. 

  • Levitra

Another name for this impotence treatment is Vardenafil. Like all other PDE-5 inhibitors medications, Levitra is also taken one hour before having sex. In addition, you can use it with food or without food. You can spend around 4-5 hours with your partner by using the medication. 

  • Stendra/Spedra

This drug can also help address a weak erection. Also called Avanafil, Spedra remains effective for around 6 hours. Additionally, experts prescribe using it 30 minutes to one hour before engaging with your partner.

How do PDE-5 inhibitors work for erection problems?

The medications associated with the drug class of PDE-5 inhibitors relax the blood vessels of your organ and enhance the blood flow within it. A sufficient blood flow in the penis is necessary to remain erect. 

Are there any precautions to keep in mind while using these medications?

You need to keep some things in mind before using these drugs for ED treatment. These things can hinder the work of your medicine and make it less effective. Nevertheless, these precautions are-

  • Use one medication at a time
  • Do not eat fatty foods before or after taking this impotence treatment 
  • Do not compensate for the missed dose by taking two doses at a time (In case you forget one dosage)
  • Using the treatment on an empty stomach can bring more effective results

Above all, talk to your urologist before using a drug or undergoing any ED treatment. He may consider your health conditions before prescribing any healing procedure.

Can every man use ED pills?

Men with erection problems can use these medications. These can successfully address a weak erection. However, the tablets are not appropriate for every man. Speak to your urologist before using them. Nevertheless, avoid using these tablets if you have the following health conditions-

  • High blood pressure 
  • Liver and kidney disorders
  • Heart diseases 

Your doctor may help address your sexual dysfunction with other possible treatment methods if you have these problems. 

What are the side effects of using PDE-5 inhibitors?

 Like all other medications, these drugs can also cause some negative after-effects. Your doctor may discuss these after-effects with you. Nevertheless, some common among them are- 

  • Dizziness

Medications used for impotence treatment promote the intensity of nitric oxide in the body. Although tiredness associated with these medications is mild, it can result in causing fainting in some cases. 

Tell your doctor right away if this side effect disturbs your daily tasks.

  • Body pain

Some men may develop an ache in the muscles and lower back because of ED drugs. Using OTC medications can relieve the pain. However, speak to your doctor before using any drug. He may recommend the helpful ones, which do not hinder your treatment or cause you more problems.

  • Digestive problems

ED tablets can cause digestive diseases, such as diarrhea and indigestion. Nevertheless, changing your lifestyle, such as avoiding alcohol and smoking, drinking more water, cutting off carbonated beverages, and adding juices to your diet, can help. Talk to your doctor if these modifications don’t bring you relief. 

  • Flushes

Using medications belonging to PDE-5 inhibitors can cause redness in the body. It is usually temporary. However, hot flushes can cause discomfort. You can see redness typically on the face. Nevertheless, it can also appear on other parts of the body.  

  • Headaches

Pain in the head can occur while using medications for impotence treatment. These raise the intensity of nitric oxide and blood flow in the body, resulting in headaches. 

  • Congestion 

ED pills are likely to cause congestion and a runny nose. These are short-term side effects. Nevertheless, you must inform your doctor if they persist or don’t go away.  

Are there any severe side effects of using the medicine for erection problems?

In addition to the pre-discussed side effects, medication like Sildenafil can cause also cause severe side effects. These may include-

  • Hearing changes
  • Prolonged erection
  • Loss of vision

What else can help treat a weak erection?


Psychological treatments are prescribed when mental health problems are found guilty for your erection problems. These conditions may be anxiety, hopelessness, or even regret. Moreover, counseling can also help couples solve relationship issues between them. 


Doctors prescribe penile pumps for getting rid of your inability. It is fixed over the penis to provide sufficient blood flow to the organ. Nevertheless, this impotence treatment is suitable for men with blood vessels or nerve damage. 


Operational treatment is the last option for addressing ED. When other treatment methods do not bring desired results, experts recommend surgery. However, it is suitable for patients with a structural deformity with the penis. 

Lifestyle adjustments

ED medicines, penile injections, vacuum pumps, and surgery are effective solutions for a weak erection. Nevertheless, some home remedies can help you get a quick recovery. 

Modifying your lifestyle can enhance your well-being and support your ongoing treatment. Your doctor may discuss the essential lifestyle adjustments for ED treatment. Nevertheless, some effective ones are as follows-

  • Perform relaxation practices like meditation and yoga
  • Regular exercises
  • Add oysters, olive oil, cocoa, garlic, coffee, dark chocolates, peppers, tomatoes, watermelon, and nuts to your diet
  • Lose weight if you are obese

Take a supportive diet

Your stomach content has a straight influence on your body’s development and functions, including erection. Therefore, add fruits, whole grains, vegetables, and fish to your diet to support your impotence treatment. 

If you are overweight, be careful with your diet. Obesity can elevate the threat of erection problems. For that reason, you can talk to your doctor about the helpful foods that can help burn excess fat and support your healing procedure at the same time. 

Quit smoking

Tobacco use can deteriorate the condition of a weak erection. Nicotine, a dominant ingredient of cigarettes, blocks and narrows the arteries. As a result, it affects the blood flow to the organ. 

Look for ways that can help you get over nicotine addiction. You can also take the help of your doctor for effective remedies. 

Cut off alcohol consumption

Alcohol can cause short-term or permanent ED. If you drink too much alcohol, it can damage your central nervous system, which is liable for the arousal and stimulation of the erection. 

Get moving

Exercises are one of the most successful at-home treatments for erection problems. They recover blood flow, which is essential to get firmness. In addition, cardiovascular and weight-bearing exercises are best to boost the level of testosterone and support your impotence treatment.

Sleep tight

Poor sleep can result in causing a reduction in the production of testosterone. Low levels of this hormone can cause sexual problems such as low sex drive, premature ejaculation, and erection problems. Therefore, improve your sleeping pattern and try to take around 7-8 hours of sleep.

Consider the medications you already use

Certain medications can result in a weak erection, including high blood pressure, cholesterol, depression, heart diseases, and hair loss. For that reason, speak to your urologist if you are experiencing ED while using these drugs. These treatments can be the cause of your inability.  

What exactly is erectile dysfunction?

It is a sexual problem in men, which restrains men from maintaining and sustaining firmness during sexual performance. Facing erection problems at times is normal. However, if this happens every time you engage in sexual intercourse, it indicates you have ED. You must consult with an urologist for effective impotence treatment if you have such a condition. 

What are the symptoms of ED?

If a man has impotence, he may experience the following symptoms-

  • Inability to achieve an erection that may not be sufficient for having intercourse
  • Failure to have an erection every time you have sex
  • Lack of ability to attain the firmness of the penis all the time

What causes a lack of firmness?

Various causes can be guilty of lack of erection during sex. However, the frequent ones include physical causes, psychological health issues, testosterone deficiency, and lack of adequate blood supply to your organ.

Physical causes

These health conditions may influence your health and ability to get and maintain firmness during sexual activity. Physical causes are the most widespread reasons for ED. However, these health problems are as follows-

  • Heart diseases
  • Atherosclerosis
  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Wound in the pelvic area
  • Structural problem in the penis
  • Backbone injury 

Psychological issues

These are mental health issues that affect brain functioning and eventually ruin erection function. If you have such problems, your doctor may refer you to a psychiatrist for your impotence treatment. However, the frequent psychological causes can be-  

  • Depression
  • Intimacy fear
  • Severe anxiety
  • Relationship problems

Testosterone deficiency

This hormone is an integral part of the men’s body. It helps promote various functions and carries out functions, including sexual function. However, the insufficiency of testosterone can lead to cause various problems, including premature ejaculation, ED, and low libido. 

Blood flow issues

Lack of sufficient blood flow to your organ can lead to a weak erection. This problem can occur because of various health conditions such as vascular diseases.

What can elevate the risk of erection problems?

There can be several factors, which can induce a lack of firmness in men. These common and ordinary aspects can be the following-

  • Smoking

Tobacco use can trigger a range of chronic health issues. The dangerous ingredients in tobacco like nicotine can lead to contraction of the blood vessels, shrinkage in the blood vessels, and causes blood flow issues. Moreover, the hazardous components can also influence the working of your brain and nerve system, resulting in a weak erection. Your healing procedure may not bring effective results if you smoke while undergoing impotence treatment. 

  • Alcohol consumption

A glass of wine can assist in getting you in the mood. However, if you go beyond, it can trigger chronic health problems and sexual dysfunctions, such as ejaculatory problems and ED. Too much use of alcohol can ruin the work of the nervous system and causes a lack of firmness. The nervous system is responsible for your arousal and stimulates an erection.

  • Obesity

Being overweight is another aspect that can induce the risk of erection problems. Excess body weight puts strain on the blood vessels and limits the blood supply.  

  • Family history

Family history is a frequent and unavoidable risk factor of ED. 

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