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The year 1996 was when Bradley’s Fish was established by Stewart Bradley, who has been in the fish trade since 1990. Bradley’s works both in the wholesale and retail sectors. The best way to progress in such businesses is to have significant ties in the community. Stewart has created friendly ties with the Fish merchants and fishermen, which enabled him to get his hands on the best quality fish. The quality of the Fish helps Stewart price his items at competitive rates. Bradley’s remains at the top due to its customer service, fresh products, and friendly ties.

Who are Bradleys fish?

Bradley’s Fish is a seafood market that you need to hit when looking for authentic, fresh and delicate Fish. They have generations of expertise. Their 70+ years of experience mark their reputation high due to quality and service. They have a top priority of providing their customers with the best, most delicate quality fish and has been doing so for years. They also have discounts on items listed on their website or can be asked about overcall.

Where are they based?

Bradleys Business Centre, Central Way, Feltham TW14 0XQ, United Kingdom, is where Bradley’s Fish is. It is an England based business near Central Way cafe, nearby Staffing Match. Bradley’s Fish has been in the run for the past 70+ years and has made its name all over the United Kingdom. It doesn’t matter where Bradley’s Fish is located. You could call the Fish store and ask about their delivery details. You can get your hands on their fine Fish in no time by confirming your address and paying overcall. You could also get your package handed to you in your car. You ask for it; Bradley’s Fish is up for it. Best customer service is here for you!

What sort of Fish do they sell?

The finest quality smoked salmon, Arbroath smokies, genuine Loch Fyne kippers, traditional smoked haddock and Fish from local fishermen, when it is available, consisting of grey mullet, sea bass, skate wings, and plaice are some of the Fish that Bradley’s Fish sells. The salmon that Bradley’s Fish sells is fine Scottish salmon. Instead of Norwegian salmon that are cheap as quality is, Stewarts Swordfish loins and tuna can be seen on the list of exotic Fish that Bradley’s Fish has in stock. When it comes to Fish in shell-like crabs, Shetland rope grown mussels, Palourde clams, Colchester oysters, Crevettes in cooked and raw form and Whelks, Bradley’s Fish can provide you with all. Their most remarkable item is their eel that they sell 3 tonnes every week.

Do they deliver to the UK?

The coronavirus has made an impact on businesses all over the world. It has also changed the way they would accommodate their customers. If you visit the stores, then two customers at a time can be attended with respecting the social distance. The payment is appreciated if done by card and contactless if possible. You can also make an order over a call and then simply collect it. Bradley’s can bring your order to your car. You just have to pay by card over the phone. The best part is that Bradley’s Fish does delivery! You can now have your answers about what’s available, the weight, and the Fish price over the phone. If the company delivers to your area, you will be informed and have your Fish at your doorstep with minimum contact. Just pay over the phone while making the order and have your Fish delivered by Bradley’s Fish on time. The minimum amount for delivery is £40, and shipping is free after £80.

How does the Fish stay fresh?

Bradley’s Fish shop purchases a wide variety of Fish from markets all over the UK. This purchase is shipped overnight, which helps in keeping the Fish fresh.The company has lobster and crab fishermen on the Wight Isle with a keen eye for catching the best and finest shellfish available. The shellfish are then kept in the shellfish tanks, helping them stay fresh to optimum. Bradley’s Fish freezes their Fish within 4 hours of their catch, helping them keep their Fish fresher than fresh. 

Bradley’s Fish has an original name; it should be a Seafood market for you as it provides you with fresh and delicate Fish. The Fish delivery service has made it an even better option than before. So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on fresh Fish from Bradley’s!

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