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Interesting Gin Facts and why is Roku Gin different?

Roku Gin

Roku Gin is a condensed and flavorful liquor manufactured from pure spirits extracted from a grain mix and primarily flavored with the juniper fruit. It contains both the malt flavor and full-bodied Netherlands kinds as well as the drier forms produced in the United Kingdom and the United States, which are distinguished by distinct botanical flavoring.

There is also no denying that after a few boozy libations, we all appear a little brighter. When it concerns to gin facts, though, its storied debauchery provides plenty of fodder to keep those bar stool discussions going. Below, we’ve covered some of the most fascinating gin facts for you. 

Discovered in Holland.

Even though British are the biggest gin drinkers, and gin may be England’s official spirit, the juniper-based liquor originated in Holland. In the early 1600s, English soldiers obtained it and transported it to England.

During the Dutch War of Independence in the 17th century, the English discovered genever and carried it back with them. 150 years later, the London-style gin we know today would’ve been born.

Why is Gin so popular?

Until it became the liquor we know and love, gin was used for medicinal uses. During the 16th century, a Dutch physician named Franciscus Sylvius invented genever as a medication. His high-proof brew was thought to help with circulation and other diseases. Gin was used in India to make a more appetizing tonic water and cinchona solution to cure malaria. It was provided to soldiers during the Dutch Independence War and was dubbed “Dutch Courage.”

How Gin is made. 

The majority of gins on the sale are prepared with a neutral grain spirit. There are a variety of sugar types that can be used to make the gin’s basis. The distiller has the last say. The juniper berry is the only needed botanical in gin, and distillers will use larger or smaller depending on the flavor character they want to achieve. Juniper berries give gin its piney, woody flavor.

Some distillers will add additional botanical components such as honey, lime, coriander, cloves, or lavender to produce a flavor profile that goes over juniper, resulting in a limitless number of flavor variations and combinations.

Famous Gin drinkers around the world

It’s no surprise that gin appeared in classic literature for most of the twentieth century. It was popular at parties, in mixed drinks, and even in James Bond’s first performance in Casino Royale.

Ryan Reynolds, a well-known Canadian-American actor, is so fond of gin that he has his personal gin brand! J.K. Rowling, the author of Harry Potter, enjoys a martini anytime she goes out. Madonna, a fitness freak, keeps the calories at away with a gin and slimming tonic.

What makes Roku Gin different to other Gins.

Although Roku Gin is sold all around the world and is rapidly growing in popularity, Osaka is one of Japan’s most attractive cities, and the Roku Gin Distillery is located in this city of over 2.6 million people. Roku Gin is now a botanical gin made by one of Japan’s most well-known whisky makers. Citrus, juniper, pepper, and spice tastes are modest but complex, leading to an acidic, vegetal aftertaste. If you’re seeking for a unique gin, Roku Gin has a special Japanese flavor that you’ll enjoy.

Its jam packed of flavor pleasures and nuances that beg to be enjoyed. This is the gin for you when you have the chance to make it. It is deserving of praise. Roku Gin demonstrates that innovative gins are being developed all around the world. This is a gin for folks who enjoy bold flavors and who want to try something new. The bottle is lovely and would make a wonderful present. There’s no excuse you shouldn’t give this Japanese gin a try.

Flavors of Roku Gin  

Roku is a Japanese word that means “six.” Suntory’s version of gin is dubbed “six” after six uniquely Japanese botanicals. To begin, there are two types of green tea: sencha and gyokuro. Cherry can be enjoyed in two ways: as a blossom or as leaves. After that, there’s yuzu and Japanese pepper. There are also eight more traditional botanicals, increasing the total to fourteen.

There are two types of Roku Gin on the market. Under the same name, there’s a travel special with slightly boosted cherry blossom and its standard flagship Roku Gin. The latter is the case here. Roku Gin is made using a grain basis that is generally neutral. Asda Gin selection may include Roku gin because they have such a large selection.


So there you have it, a few gin facts. Some of these may be urban legends or rumor, and we’re positive there are plenty more. It’s only for your amusement, just like our cherished gin, so appreciate the gin and so these facts wisely.

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