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Why are businesses forgetting the importance of selling products?

Independent Spanish managers are focusing on attracting new investors. They are reducing the minimum amount to invest in their funds and lowering the limits on periodic contributions.

Bestinver, a leading Spanish independent manager with more than 5,000 million euros in assets under management.

And in this way, Copymatic equals the minimum amount required to that of other competitors such as Cobas or Magallanes Value Investors, the firm founded by Iván Martín.

Because the new 1,500 euro limit for annual deductible contributions will encourage people to invest their savings annually

And it joins firms such as Azvalor, which is managed by Álvaro Guzmán and Fernando Bernad and Cobas, which was founded by Francisco García Paramés. These firms are trying to provide benefits to the people who participate in their investment funds.

The first company has reduced the minimum balance to maintain in their products, which is now 500 euros, while they did not change the initial requirement of 5,000 euros. The second company changes the system of management commissions and base it on customer loyalty.

Independent financial management has been a small industry for years, but newer firms are coming in to compete for that same small market.

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With reduced minimum investments, some firms struggle to generate higher net flows.

This year has seen extreme wind patterns between cyclical investments and more cyclical profits from such funds. However, the raising of these funds does not reflect these better conditions. For instance, Santalucía AM has lost more than 11 million euros in our September data.

Some companies’ financial reports state that their investment in Luxembourg is attracting the funds that leave the country in the form of reimbursement.

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