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Streetwear was arguably the biggest trend in 2022 and the fashion world adored it. However, the streetwear community will be missing Virgil Abloh, the founder of Off-White, as he sadly passed away at the end of last year. Nonetheless, his name will be remembered in the fashion industry with the legacy he has left behind.

Streetwear has seen many brands come and go, however, there are many brands from 2021 that will be popular throughout this year. Many high-street shops are stocking up on their streetwear brands because of their popularity in recent years. The majority of those brands will be mentioned in this article with a little bit of background. Here are some of the brands that you will see out on the street, continuing the fashion trend of streetwear.


Shawn Stussy, the godfather of streetwear, is the founder of this wonderful brand. He started his brand back in the 1980s with the surfer community and it soon grew in popularity. How it all began was with Shawn scribbling his name onto blank surfboards. Due to the demand for the surfboards, Shawn began scribbling his logo onto clothing such as tees and jumpers.

This wonderful streetwear brand is one of the most affordable out there in the industry, despite it being one of the oldest. It is a style that kickstarted the streetwear style that we know today and is seen in many major streetwear stores. Although Shawn is no longer involved with his brand, he will be remembered as the man that started streetwear.


Streetwear started through Stussy but gained popularity through Supreme. If you speak to anyone that knows about their streetwear, they will certainly know about Supreme. Their style is the typical look that you would expect with streetwear. However, it is arguably one of the most expensive out there. Even their collaborations for footwear are some of the most expensive trainers out there.

Their popularity built up through their unique marketing method when releasing clothes. Unlike most brands during the 90s/00s, Supreme didn’t mass-produce clothes. Instead, they limited the number of items for a certain style. This encouraged people to queue up outside of the Supreme stores, waiting for the doors to be open so they could be one of the first to buy it. Even today, Supreme sees endless queues of people waiting to get their hands on Supreme’s emblematic logo that is recognised around the globe.


Stepping away from American streetwear brands, Palace is a popular skate-boarding brand that has grown massively in recent years. Founded in 2009, in the United Kingdom, started in the same way that Stussy did. With its unique skateboard decks and t-shirts, it soon became a popular streetwear brand for men in 2022.

Palace releases their clothes in a similar way to Supreme, limiting the number of items that they release with that particular style. However, they have nowhere near the number of stores that Supreme has so they rely on their online store for the majority of their sales. 


Many people believe that Americans were at the forefront of the streetwear style. However, other people believe that streetwear gained its popularity in Japan. Neighborhood is one of those mainstream brands that began in Japan before making it over to the western world.

There have been many mainstream brands around the world that have collaborated with Neighborhood. Adidas, Converse, Dr Martens are just some of the brands that have collaborated. There are more and more Japanese streetwear brands appearing on the streets of the UK. Expect to see much more of The Bathing Ape (BAPE) and Comme Des Garcons, both brands that you might have already seen.

The North Face

The thing with streetwear is that most of the brands that exist today started to be something else. Stussy began designing his brand with surfboards, Palace started their brand with skateboards and The North Face started as a mountaineering brand. The North Face is one of the most popular streetwear brands out there and is still in demand with the hiking community.

The North Face has not only become popular in the United Kingdom but around the world. Simply because of the collaborations with other streetwear brands. It would be of no surprise that they continue collaborating with these brands throughout 2022. The quality of the clothing from North Face is worth every penny, hence why it is popular with the streetwear community today.

To Conclude

There are many streetwear brands out there to wear in 2022. However, these are the brands that are going to be seen in society’s where they love their streetwear. Many popular streetwear trends have dominated the streets in recent years, one of them being plain tracksuits. Furthermore, utility clothing seems to be the popular streetwear trend at the moment so do not be surprised if you see more of that this year. Streetwear might be your signature style. If you are going to invest in streetwear, these are the best brands to buy.

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