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4 Reasons to Why Women Wear Hijab

Abaya and scarf shopping is something that most women do because they like to do not because they are “forced” or “compelled” to do. It is widely believed that most women wear abaya or scarf because they are oppressed to do so. This is not the case in the current times, today most women are liberated in their ways and are free to do whatever they want to do. Times are changing and people today are now more accepting the wants and desires of the women with regards to their dresses and their attires. The advent of internet has made shopping so much easier, today you have various options to buy scarves online without stepping out of your house.

Every woman that wear abaya or scarf once in their lifetime go through the pain of answering people around them if they are “forced” to wear it. Some women may have, but this is NOT the case with every one out there. One questions that most hijabis and abaya clad women raise is why are they judged for the way they want to dress? When they do not have any problem with other women’s attire no matter how different it is? For people to buy abaya or scarves, there are various women scarves online stores in Pakistan that allow them to shop without spending hundreds or thousands on them.

Nevertheless, following are the reasons why women today do not pay heed to any accusations and rumors around them and prefer slaying in their cute abaya dresses.

  1. Minimalism and Comfort

Your comfort is everything, do not let go if it no matter what you are wearing. If you think you are comfortable in your western dresses and something that not most of the women not comfortable in you can. Comfort matters a lot, and the more you think about it the more comfortable it gets. Apart from this, minimalism is the key to prosper today. Even if you check out the regular logos and other things, you would see how minimalism has taken over the world.

Similarly, abayas come in pretty handy when you have to do a quick grocery run and you are in PJs not in the mood to change your dress or do anything. You can just put on your abaya and get everything done without wasting your time in getting ready. Abayas are a pure bliss for some lazy bees who do not like wasting time or money on anything, get a comfortable abaya from The Black Camels and you are all set to go!

  • Commandment

There is no denying to the fact that women in Islam particularly are advised and ordered to cover themselves up. However, not complying with their religious duties is every one’s personal preference and no body has any right to speak about it. Their religion and their faith are enough of the reason for them to cover themselves, therefore there is no reason why a regular person should raise any question about someone’s choice of dressing. An extremely bad and disappointing thing that we often see in our youth is they see abaya clad women as someone who is backward and not up to the current world’s standard. To be a person of faith is a good thing and those who like to comply with it must be respected for their choices, be it a man or a woman.

  • Becomes your Identity

Some women like to have their individual identity and like to be known and recognized as hijabis and someone who wears kaftan style abayas . However, you would be surprised to know how some families react negatively when their women decide to wear hijab or cover themselves up. Particularly, if you live in any of the West countries, women there are discouraged by their own family to not wear them due to the racism followed in these countries. The good thing is, the world today has become very liberal, they are accepting everyone no matter what faith, country and color they belong to. Regardless of your religious belief you are respected, which is the best thing that has happened in the last few years. Women often wear abaya in solidarity with the other women who wear abaya and cover their head but come across some awkward questions and comments. Their decision of wearing a hijab or abaya is an act of resistance for them.

  • Unity with the Other Women

Last but not the least, women and men no matter what your gender is, everyone should be respected for the fashion choices they make for their dresses, their hair color or even the profession they choose. When we come to the religious inclinations of the people around, we must not question in any way why people dress in a certain manner. If they are comfortable in their attire, no body needs your opinion on it and how they should be dressing. Unite with these women who face backlash for dressing in this manner, and stand with them.

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