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The style reflects one’s personality and outlook towards life. People wearing bright colors and funky prints are often considered lively, energetic, and vivacious. Similarly, people who prefer neutral colors, and plain dresses are the ones considered to be more moderate, calm, and elegant. Being updated about the latest trends and fashion plays a vital role when it comes to looking stylish all the time. You can also look stylish all the time, all you need to do is follow these secrets of stylish women.

1.    Try to get out of your comfort zone

Try something new, something that you usually don’t wear. It can be a bright color, a new hairstyle, something new in fashion, or even a hair dye. Most of the stylists say that Style always emerges from trying new things. So follow this little tip to look stylish all the time.

2.    Browse to check what’s new in town

Stylish women always keep themselves updated. So always browse before going shopping, you might know something new about what’s in fashion. You can also follow stylists whose style you admire.

3.    Use red lipstick to rock

A well-known tip from the stylists is to wear red lipstick. A bright, cherry red lipstick can rock it, it suits everyone, every complexion, every skin tone. It will instantly make your face bright. You will look stylish and beautiful.

4.    Don’t hesitate to wear what you like

If you like something just wear it. Don’t hesitate for a second that it will not look good on you or what others will say. Everybody can decide on their own what they should wear, you don’t need anyone’s approval. If you are looking beautiful to yourself just go with it because you are looking stylish.

5.    Always keep a fashion emergency kit

Stylish women are always prepared; they don’t take the risk for their looks. Whether it’s a stain, snag, or a sandal-induced blister, be prepared 24/7. Carry a sewing kit, band-aid, and other essentials if you don’t want to compromise on your style.

6.    Try statement shoes

Your shoes can change your entire look. The color, style, and print of your shoes pack an aesthetic punch. Looking stylish doesn’t require wearing high heels. Wear whatever goes with your dress and is comfortable. Even if you are looking casual, adding a printed or bright flat or wedge can change the entire look.

7.    Use accessories

Stylish women always wear accessories. If you want to look stylish wear at least one accessory. It can be a ring, earrings, ring or a bracelet. When you are not wearing formal clothes wear a solid statement piece, it will change your look in seconds.

8.    Wear perfect makeup

Make-up is very important to complete your look. A fine and perfect makeup is all you need to look stylish and beautiful.  It can cover all the flaws, wear simple casual clothes, simple hairstyle, flat shoes, but if you are wearing perfect makeup you can look like the most stylish woman at the party.

9.    Don’t just copy-paste

Don’t blindly follow stylists. They have everything according to their body, height, and complexion; if you blindly follow them it might not look good on you. So don’t just simply copy them try to make sense of everything if it’s not looking good on you can make changes.

10.         Don’t dress to impress

Stylish women always dress for themselves. They never try to impress others with their stylish look. They just wear whatever is looking good on them. So follow this tip if you want to look stylish.

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