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How To Be A Fashion Designer: Top Tips for a Career in Fashion

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Fashion designers are often considered to be some of the most creative people in the world. They are responsible for designing clothes, shoes, purses, jewelry and other types of clothing. A fashion designer must be able to create new designs on a regular basis while following trends and maintaining a certain level of individuality. In this article, we will provide you with insight into what it takes to become a fashion designer.

What is Fashion Design?

Fashion designers create the clothes that you see on models and in magazines. They decide how to cut fabric, choose colors, pick out patterns, and work with both men’s and women’s clothing. Fashion design may sound complicated, but it can be a lot of fun if you have an eye for style.

Are you always leafing through magazines and following the latest celebrity trends? If you love making your own quiry versions of current trends and taking them just that one step further then a career in fashion could totally be for you?

What Education and Qualifications Are Required to be a fashion designer?

A fashion designer needs creative and technical skills. He or she needs to be able to sketch, design, and create new products. They also need a good eye for detail and a creative mind. Fashion designers also need strong communication skills because they communicate with clients and work in a team environment. What are the qualifications that you need? Well going down the creative route may be better than taking A levels. You will still be able to end up at a top university, but may be able to have a more creative few years in the process.

So going to a technical college and studying for a foundation degree might just be the best answer. Of course the ultimate goal is to study fashion at somewhere prestigious like Central St Martins or The London College of Fashion, but if you work hard and believe in yourself – why shouldn’t this be your goal?

How Do You Become a Fashion Designer?

It’s not an easy feat to become a fashion designer. Most people incorrectly assume that you just need to know how to sketch, but it takes much more than that. Fashion designs are constantly evolving. They need to stay up-to-date with the newest trends and have a strong understanding of design techniques and concepts. You also need creativity and an eye for style, so being able to sketch is a definite plus! There are many different paths you can go down if you want a career in fashion, but the most common is an apprenticeship.

Career Paths to be a Fashion Designer

Fashion designers can work in a variety of settings. They may find employment as freelance fashion designers or they may be employed by a company as an in-house designer. In general, fashion designers design clothing and accessories for the fashion industry. The field includes different types of jobs such as millinery, costume design, and shoe design.

Once at university you may find that you have other side skills like illustration or have an eye for displaying your clothes to perfection? Becoming a visual merchandiser is an exciting career that can have you travelling the world still immersed in the exciting world of fashion. Being a stylist is also a very sought after role within this industry with TV shows like The Bold Type showing what a thrilling world this job can land you in.

There is also the option of becoming a fashion buyer if you love the shopping element of the fashion game? Do you have an eye for a bargain and love doing the deal? Can you spot the trends that will be happening on the high street seasons before they happen? If you have this kind of insight then a career as a fashion buyer may be the way to go instead.

How To Start A Career In Fashion: The Different Careers In The Fashion Industry

There are many different types of careers in the fashion industry. Designers, garment cutters, patternmakers, and technicians are just a few examples. Some people want to work in the fashion industry but aren’t sure what type of job they want or how to get started.


So what are your thoughts after reading this article? Has your appetite been wet to pursue your dreams or can you see another path that might entice you away from the idea of being a fashion designer?

1) Giving potential fashion designers an insight into why they should consider a career in fashion design

2) Giving those who are already pursuing a career in the industry some useful tips on how they can develop their creativity and improve their design skills.

The world of fashion can be extremely exciting and enticing to work in, however don’t underestimate how competitive it is going to be out there.

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