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The Accessory Trends to Brighten Your Festive Look This Winter

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Christmas is all about cheer and glimmer, and that applies to your festive outfits too. Whether you’re shopping for presents on the high street and want to incorporate the festive spirit into your look or are visiting your family on Christmas Day, looking the part is a key element of the holiday. 

Recreating the festive look is all about wearing the right accessories. They can add character to any monochrome outfit, whether a laid-back one or a more preppy look.

Here is how to add a pop of colour to your Christmas attire with these pro accessory tips.

Dramatic pearls are back

Humanity has been fascinated with pearls for thousands of years. They represent purity and calmness, and the eye gets easily absorbed in their otherworldly lustre. For a long time, pearls were only worn by the elite and were the ultimate status symbol.  

In the 1920s, however, pearls became a favourite jewellery item for celebrities. Long strands of pearls, usually measuring 30 inches, became an iconic fashion item of the roaring ‘20s. In the ‘30s, pearls were shortened to create a more sophisticated and embellished look. Around the mid-1990s, larger pearls came into fashion.

Following the cycle of fashion, in autumn/winter 2022/23, we’re seeing the resurrection of bold, dramatic pearls from the ‘90s. They exude class and an eye for fashion, making them perfect for a regal Christmas party look.

Go for a more contemporary look by wearing a choker-style strand of metallic pearls and a jumpsuit – a look inspired by designer Tory Burch. Pearls go especially well with bolder colours and can really make you stand out! If you’re looking for an all-round outfit, getting a matching pearl necklace, ring, and bracelet is a great fashion choice, advocated by Versace. 

It’s all about the pattern

If you like wearing prints, then you’re in for a treat this winter! Because the patterns that are trending are beyond exciting and are sure to bring cheer to your Christmas outfit!

Yes, animal prints are back in the game! However, the repertoire of wildlife-inspired prints has been updated with a fresh and youthful appeal. While leopard and zebra prints never go out of fashion, this season, we’re seeing a new iteration – seaskin print. Think sea slugs, coral reefs, and starfish-inspired patterns. Heeled boots or a leather handbag in such print will add character to your Christmas party outfit and will definitely make heads turn!

Alongside the classic and more otherworldly animal prints, we’re seeing a reiteration of one beloved print – furnishing florals. These dreamy patterns bring a nostalgic sense to our daily outfits while also uplifting our mood. 

Interior-inspired florals dominated the catwalk at Paris Fashion Week. From wallpaper florals to botanicals and vines, this vintage palette can add the pop of colour you’re looking for to your festive look. A small ladies’ wallet in a floral print will perfectly complement an outfit in pastel colours or your comfy but stylish monochrome Christmas shopping attire.

The winter pop of colour trends

Wondering what the statement colours of this winter season are? The answer is bold, daring, and lavish!

We might be used to more neutral and warm tones for the colder season, but this year, we’re in for a surprise because the trending colours are far from calming and neutral. The “IT colour” is in, meaning we’re going to see more saturated, jewel colours and exuberant tones.

Ruddy reds, molten lava, lava falls, and cherry red are not only big this season, but they are also the perfect Christmas pop of colour. Whether you incorporate it in your shoes, bags, or hair accessories, you are sure to look the part!

Orange and tangerine colours, along with bright yellows and chartreuse, were also prominent on the runway. These vibrant and energising colours will add vivacity to your accessories game, helping you elevate the festive mood. Gregarious greens are also popular this season, with one prominent colour making a statement – cardamom seed green. We’re likely to see this colour trending in spring, too, so don’t fear making a statement accessory purchase in this colour, as it will have its moment over and over again!

This Christmas, look and feel your best with these statement accessory options that will add a pop of colour to your outfit and get you in the mood for the festive cheer.

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