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4 Simple Ways To Shop For Clothes More Sustainably

More people are putting emphasis on becoming more eco-friendly in all areas of their life, one of which is how they shop for clothes. The fashion industries are some of the most damaging in the entire world, as the processes needed to create the fabrics, and then also to create the garments themselves, are extremely wasteful. Not to mention, many people will wear a piece of clothing once or twice then never again, increasing the demand for these processes to be repeated over and over again. So, we’re here with four really simple tips to help you make more sustainable choices when you’re shopping. Plus, you’ll save money in the process and you never have to compromise on looking fashionable! 

Go By The 30 Wear Rule

Our first tip is to go by the 30 wear rule, so before you commit to making a purchase, ask yourself if you will wear it at least 30 times. If the answer is no, then you will not get enough wear out of it for it to justify making the purchase in terms of the environmental impact it will have. This will encourage you to build a staple wardrobe of pieces that you will always wear and rely on, rather than buying into trends that will come and go in a few months. For example, perhaps you’re looking for a womens tracksuit and see a bright green one that you love as green is in season. However, you need to ask yourself if you will still love this next year, or in 3 years time. Instead, choose something a bit more timeless like a nude or black tracksuit, then bring it to life with fun accessories to add your own sense of character. Aim for timeless pieces that fit you really well and that make you feel amazing, and you will wear and love them for years. 

Shop At Local Boutiques

Another thing you can do to shop more sustainably is to shop at local boutiques. When you buy from a fast fashion brand, it is highly likely that the materials would have been made in one place, then flown to another for the garments to be created, then flown somewhere else to a warehouse before being shipped to you, which you can imagine, is not eco-friendly. Instead, do a bit of research and look for businesses who either make their own clothes or source them locally, as you will be supporting the local economy and also helping to protect the environment from unnecessary damage. There are so many incredible boutiques all over the country for you to make the most of, no matter where you live. 

Buy Second Hand

One of the best things that you can do when it comes to shopping sustainably is to buy second hand. As all of the processes have already been completed in order to create the piece of clothing once, you are completely removing the need for it to happen again, as well as making sure that any damage made is not going to waste, as you will continue to wear the pieces of clothing for years to come. This then also reduces the demand for new pieces of clothing to be made in the future, if people continue to circulate clothing that already exists. 

A big benefit of buying second hand is that you will be able to buy pieces you might not have otherwise been able to afford, like the best materials or even a designer piece. You will get so much more for your money with second hand, so we would always suggest shopping second hand first and foremost, as it is the best option for the environment and your bank balance! 

Always Carry A Tote Bag

Last but not least, whenever you’re shopping, you should always carry a tote bag with you. Everytime you take out and use a tote bag, you are keeping at least one single-use carrier bag out of circulation. Plastic carrier bags are horrendous for the environment, being made out of crude oil, which produces a huge amount of pollution and it also means that the bags are not biodegradable. As a result, each bag will spend 1,000 years in landfill, and on average, in the US alone, there are 100 billion plastic bags that are used by US consumers every year. You can see just how much of a problem this is, and how much of an improvement could be made if everyone made the decision to carry a reusable bag. More paper bags are being used, however this is still very damaging and using a completely reusable tote bag is a much better alternative.

Leave one by your front door, or in your handbag or backpack, then it will become a natural part of your routine to pick it up. 

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